Escape From The Prison You Were Born in !


The truth is, fellow girls and boys, men and women, you are in prison. You are imprisoned by fear, by laws, by system that is based on fear of what we may do if we were completely free.

The biggest lie in this world is that we are born free. No, we are all born in prison. But, we are also born with a right to escape from the prison we were born in. We are born with a purpose to escape from this prison of fear. We are all born with the nature of complete freedom.

Free YourselfWe can all try in our own way to be free as much as we can. Of course, you must play smart, no one will escape if they don’t have a smart plan and just foolishly bang their head against the wall. All you need to do at the beginning is just start. Jump into the unknown and plan as you go! Have that leap of faith and do what you truly want to do.

Cut the bulls**t, stop doing anything that doesn’t serve you, that doesn’t lead you closer to your dreams and your purpose. Put your legs down, stiffen your upper lip and focus.

Boring JobWhy are you doing something you don’t want to do? Why? Because you grew up? Because everyone has a job so you must have one? When did you lost your essence, that UNIQUENESS to do what you love?

Believe it or not, we are more afraid of freedom, being able to do what we truly want, than being imprisoned in 4 walls and ruled by someone.

Complete FreedomNOW IT’S THE TIME! Just stand up, get up and do what you truly love to do, say what you truly want to say, scream if you need to. Give yourself a complete freedom for 5 minutes. The first step is to feel that freedom, to feel what it means being completely free.

Go out, go against the current, do something different from anyone else just to feel that Complete Freedom! Be crazy in your own way. The truth is we are all crazy, all of us, no exception included. We are all a little twisted. Your job is to let yourself be as unique as you are.

Break FreeShow the world what freedom doesn’t mean what the scared people teach us. Freedom is the essence of happiness. Show the world that no rules doesn’t mean chaos or survival of the fittest. Show the world our true nature! Show the world that there is no need to fear the unknown anymore.

Only in free world we can live as one with nature. Freedom doesn’t make us beasts, Fear does. It always has, it still does and it always will. Just look what are we doing to ourselves and the world with our laws and rules, we are destroying everything. Show the world how free it is and why freedom is necessary for our mutual survival as humans.


<You cannot escape from a prison until you recognize you are in one>