What to Buy for Groceries ?



Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateDark chocolate is full with anti-oxidants which will make your blood flow to the brain smoother. This means that your brain function will become better, it will Improve Your Creativity and you’ll think quality thoughts. Dark chocolate is also natural happiness booster because it has a chemical called Phenyl Ethylamine, which is the chemical our brain produces when we fall in love. That’s why everybody loves chocolate.


Whole Grains

From Oats to Brown pasta, whole grains have many forms and also many benefits. Some of them are stroke risk reduction by 30-36%, type 2 diabetes risk reduction by 21-30%, heart disease risk reduction by 25-28% and better weight maintenance. Oat cereal is Amazing Breakfast Choice because it gives you the energy to start the day and be more productive.


Frozen Fish

Frozen FishIts super power is the Omega-3 acids which Help The Brain in several ways. Omega-3s help the coating of our neurons with good fats. This helps them move easily through our brain. Omega-3 acids also help our brain to get more oxygen but the most important thing they do is enable our brain to learn new information keeping the old ones safe. Avoid fish in conserves and if you have a chance, buy it fresh.


Olive Oil

Despite the fact that Olive Oil is very healthy choice, it’s also very available and almost every grocery store sells it. It gives an amazing taste to meals and protects from many diseases. Make sure you don’t fry with Olive Oil because it loses its nutrients and may even be harmful to your health. Spoon or 2 per day is an ideal choice.


Peas, Beans and Lentils

Beans, Lentils and PeasThese seeds are a great protein source. They are easy to cook and you can find them in almost every supermarket or healthy food store. Make Sure Your Weekly Menu has One of These Foods on its list because they are full with nutrients, very cheap and an amazing source of energy. You can even make your menu richer by adding Beans the first week, put Lentils for the second and eat Peas the next.


It is easy to say that nothing is healthy these days. But, if we use our energy on finding solutions instead of whining, we may actually make a huge difference. You must Look Out for Your Health and Your Happiness, nobody else is responsible for that and if you think smart you’ll find a way how to do that. Start with eating healthy food, continue with implementing some healthy habits in your daily routine and create a balance in your life.

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<If you want to choose the healthiest from the pile of unhealthy, processed products, the next time you go to the grocery story consider buying still water, organic fruits and veggies, black coffee, eggs, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, wine, dark chocolate, whole grains, frozen fish, olive oil, peas, beans and/or lentils>