The Dr. Dolores Show: You’ve Been Upgraded!


 Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer

In this captivating episode, Dr. Dolores, renowned for her insightful discussions on spirituality and mindfulness, delves into the profound shifts that occur when individuals embrace the metaphysical aspects of life.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Dolores navigates the concept that there is a deeper reality beyond the tangible world, one that holds the keys to unlocking our true potential.

The Dr. Dolores Show: 9 Signs You Have Been Upgraded


Dr. Dolores’s recent podcast episode offers profound wisdom on recognizing when you’ve experienced a personal upgrade.

Here are the key signs that you’ve been upgraded, based on her enlightening discussion.

1. You Allow Yourself Grace and Self Compassion

A significant sign of an upgrade is when you give yourself grace and practice self compassion.

This creates space for greater things to enter your life, fostering personal growth and unexpected blessings.

2. You View Challenges as Opportunities

When faced with challenges, you adopt a mindset of curiosity and acceptance.

Instead of seeing obstacles as setbacks, you view them as opportunities for growth and improvement, understanding that life’s difficulties are part of your upgrade process.

3. You Embrace Change Despite Discomfort

Upgrades often come with change, which can be uncomfortable.

Recognizing that change disrupts routines but is essential for personal development indicates you are embracing your upgrade.

4. You Flow Through Life with Grace

Flowing through life with grace means accepting each moment as it comes.

This sign shows that you navigate life’s ups and downs with ease, allowing experiences to unfold naturally.

5. You Heal Yourself, Creating a Ripple Effect

Personal healing is a powerful indicator of an upgrade.

When you heal yourself, the positive effects extend to multiple areas of your life and influence those around you, creating a ripple effect of healing and positivity.

6. You Understand the Power of Manifestation

Recognizing that you are a manifestor and creator is a key sign of an upgrade.

You understand that focusing your attention on positive outcomes shapes your reality, whether the manifestation is positive or negative.

7. You Trust Your Feelings

Another sign of an upgrade is trusting and honoring your feelings.

You allow your emotions to be, without judgment or resistance, understanding that they are necessary for growth and self awareness.

8. You Prioritize Grounding

Being grounded in the present moment and in your body is crucial for well being.

When you prioritize grounding, you navigate life more effectively and stay centered amidst chaos, showing you are living your upgrade.

9. You Let Go of Control

Practicing mindfulness and releasing the need to control everything is a clear sign of an upgrade.

By letting go, you allow life to flow naturally, experiencing greater peace, clarity, and alignment with your true self.

As the discussion unfolds, Dr. Dolores challenges viewers to expand their awareness and embrace the notion that we are all part of a larger cosmic tapestry.


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What to Look for In This Episode of The Dr. Dolores Show:

  1. When you are allowing yourself the grace and self compassion you realize it is leaving a space for something even greater to come in. (03:50)
  2. “When stuff happens to you, sometimes you have to sit back and say, ‘Isn’t that interesting?’ It’s like I’m getting upgraded.” Dr. Dolores (13:08:00) 
  3. Trust me, we all don’t like change because it is uncomfortable and we don’t have to do things, it is like being on automatic. (10:34) 
  4. Allow yourself the grace to just flow through your life. (13:34) 
  5. When you heal yourself it is a ripple effect that goes in multiple directions. (23:35)
  6. “We are manifestors, we are creators, what you put your attention on is going to manifest whether it is positive or negative.” Dr. Dolores (24:42)
  7. When you are feeling whatever you are feeling, just trust that and allow it to be what it needs to be. (27:50) 
  8. Grounding is so important. The more you can be grounded in your body and the present moment I think the better you will be. (41:14)
  9. Let go of control and practice mindfulness. (41:54)  


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