How to Discover Your Authentic Self: A Journey to the Eye of the Storm


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ­­— Ralph Waldo Emerson

In a world where we wear multiple masks to fit in, conform, or protect ourselves, the question of how to discover your authentic self can seem as a hard one to answer. But actually, it’s a quite easy answer: Go into the Eye of the Storm.

What does that mean?

Our authentic selves are always there, waiting to be rediscovered and embraced, just like the sun behind the clouds on a cloudy day. All we need to do is learn how to get there.

In a recent podcast episode that we did with Jamie Allen Bishop, we delved into the idea of becoming your most authentic self, and the insights shared during this conversation were truly eye opening, or let’s say “I opening” (you will understand why in a short while).

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How to Discover Your Authentic Self:

Imagine your authentic self as the YOU behind all the masks, the purest essence of who you are.

When we’re born, we’re inherently authentic, but as we grow and navigate life’s complexities, we begin to put on masks.

These masks serve as shields, protecting us from situations that might threaten our identity, beliefs, or social status. They help us be more easily accepted by society.

What’s fascinating is that these masks often accumulate in layers, obscuring our authentic selves even further.

It’s like peeling an onion, except in this case, we’re adding layers instead of removing them.

Paradoxically, these layers do not make us safer, they distance us from our core energy, the essence of our being, putting us further and further away from your true power.

Discover Your Authentic Self: The Power of “I AM”


A pivotal moment in our journey to authenticity occurs when we realize the power of the phrase “I AM.”

It’s a statement that goes beyond language and holds profound significance.

The “I” represents our true selves, while “AM” is the command that molds our reality.

Consider this: whatever comes after “I AM” is the most important word because it’s the word that programs us into being.

To have the life, experiences, and outcomes associated with a particular identity, we must first identify with it.

Contrary to the common belief that success follows the sequence of “DO, TO HAVE, SO YOU CAN BE,” the truth is that it starts with “BE.”

In other words, you must first identify with a certain way of being before you can easily take the corresponding actions and, subsequently, have the things naturally associated with that identity.

Finding the Eye of the Storm

Our authentic selves, often hidden behind layers of masks, are akin to the eye of a storm, a place of perfect stillness and peace.

In any tornado, the calmest and safest place is within its center, it’s called the eye of the storm.

Before reaching the eye of the storm, it might feel like chaos, and you would never think intuitively that going in that direction has any chance of bringing you to peace.

But as you go, suddenly you will reach the center, and even though around you the winds will blow with insane force, there will be peace and calm where you stand.

To reach this center, we must sit with ourselves without distractions, embracing our thoughts and emotions.

This journey can feel like facing the greatest storm, with thoughts and emotions swirling around us.

The mind may scream for distraction, but if we sit with patience and persistence, we’ll eventually reach the calm and serene center, the very peace we’ve been seeking outside of ourselves.

How to Get to the Eye of the Storm

Mornings are the most powerful period of the day.

Your mind is still waking up and it’s easy to mould it.

How we begin our day plays a crucial role in our ability to stay connected to our authentic selves. Unfortunately, many people start their day by instantly turning to their phones, delving into messages, social media, and news.

This habitual morning routine can inevitably draw us into the storms of the world, disconnecting us from our inner center.

To counter this, we should start our day mindfully, dedicating time to ourselves through meditation or self reflection.

One powerful question to ask in the morning, before you even pick up your phone, is: “How can I serve today, how can I be of value for the greater good?”

This introspective practice sets a positive tone for the day and prepares us to handle external challenges from a place of authenticity and inner strength.

What are The Benefits of Being Centered in Your Authenticity?

Our minds are remarkable tools for constructing our perceived reality.

They take in data through our senses and reconstruct it to create our unique perspective.

However, our minds are not passive observers, they have over 200 biases that act as shortcuts to process information efficiently.

This means that the reality we perceive is not an objective, absolute truth, it’s a subjective story constructed by our minds.

Returning to the center, the “Eye of the Storm,” allows us to perceive a clearer and more accurate reality beyond the mind’s biases.

One of the most significant benefits of discovering your authentic self is the capacity to make decisions from the “Eye of the Storm.”

This inner place of stillness, love, and abundance is where we naturally make our best choices.

By accessing this state before making important decisions, we ensure that our actions align with our true selves, leading to outcomes that resonate deeply with our core values and desires.

An important aspect of authenticity is recognizing that your mindset is not the only one.

Different individuals may have contrasting mindsets, leading to alternative viewpoints and perceptions of the world.

This understanding encourages empathy and acceptance of varying perspectives without devaluing your own.

How to Train Your Mindset to Be a Bridge Between Your Center and The World?

1. Let your mind flow to your center.

The mind is the only thing over which we have complete control, yet it often feels like the source of our greatest challenges.

Training the mind is essential to reconnect with our authentic selves and perceive reality more accurately.

You are in control of your mind just like you are in control of water.

Most people try to control the mind as if they were controling a solid object.

They try to bring their thoughts somewhere like bringing a solid object, trying to catch water, or clean water from every particle of dirt.

Clean water… isn’t that funny.

Water IS what cleans.

All you need to do is let water flow.

Just as we control the destination of water by constructing channels or containers to carry it there, we control the mind by setting intentions and allowing thoughts to flow toward our desired destinations.

Not by forcefully bringing them there, but by letting them flow.

You can control everything around the water, but not the water.

Meditation is an effective exercise for developing this control.

Approaching it like a daily exercise, even if just for a few seconds, can significantly reinforce an authentic mindset.

2. Use The Narrative framework.

Another effective approach is to structure your day like a compelling narrative, complete with a captivating beginning, a fulfilling middle, and a satisfying end.

Start your day with a moment of meditation, physical activity, or immersive reading, activities that harmonize your inner self and equip you to contribute to the greater good.

Question to ask yourself in the morning: How can I serve the greatest good today?

Come back to your center.

Start your day from your center.

As the day progresses, make it a practice to pause, taking a few deliberate, deep breaths, and reflect on your current focus.

Ensure that you realign yourself with your center, your core values and adjust your concentration to better serve the collective good.

Questions to ask yourself in the middle of the day: Where is my focus now? Is it aligned with my center?

As the day draws to a close, conclude by writing a gratitude list, think of things you are thankful for.

You can also document your achievements in a ‘TADA’ list, those accomplishments that you reached that weren’t even on your initial to do list.

Remind yourself of your passions and how you define the greater good, setting intentions for the following day’s adventure.

3. Practice for at least 22 days.

To instill this as a lasting habit, dedicate a conscious effort to practice it for a minimum of 22 to 60 days.

This duration is typically required to establish a behavior as a habit, one that will consistently reinforce your newfound mindset.

This will construct a mindset that acts as a bridge between your authentic self and your center to the outside world.

What You Should Remember?

In conclusion, the journey to becoming your most authentic self involves peeling away the layers of masks, embracing the power of “I AM,” and finding the peace within the “Eye of the Storm.”

Morning rituals, decision making, mindset development, and mindful perception all contribute to this transformative process.

It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about rediscovering and embracing the authentic you, the essence that has been there all along, waiting to be recognized.

With each mask that you drop, you will feel more powerful.

More centered.

More authentic.

Remember, authenticity is not the destination, it’s the ongoing journey, and it starts with the courageous decision to look within.

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