Planning Guide: What to Do 1 Month Before The Party?


You’ve already got a rough idea of how you want your party to go.

Now, one month before the date, is the time to start filling in the blanks.

There’s no need to rush, you have plenty of time to savor the creative process.

This is going to be fun!

What to Do 1 Month Before The Party?


1. Invite Your Guests.

A lot of party invitations still travel the old fashioned way: in a stamped, physical envelope that makes its way (eventually) to the guest’s mailbox.

The big advantage of snail mail invitations is that a tangible reminder of your party can be a great memory jogger!

Your invite will likely end up posted on a bulletin board or fridge.

Just remember to allow enough time for preparation and delivery if you decide to mail your invitations.

Green invites are increasingly popular.

A simple group email can get the job done, but there are more powerful and convenient options available!

You can use online services that will help you craft an attractive invitation, keep track of RSVPs, and even remind your guests before the big day.

Online invitations tend to live on your guests’ phones, which might be even better than being on their fridges these days.

2. Settle Your Catering Plans.

This is the time to make your orders for drinks and non perishable foods.

You’ll still have time to adjust quantities as you get RSVPs and figure out how many invitees you’ll have.

If you intend to order baked goods, check in with your bakery early to find out how much lead time they need.

How about hiring a chef for your party?

This is an increasingly popular choice that reduces your party planning workload.

Turn over all the catering decisions to an expert!

Just take a little time to check reviews and recommendations so that you wind up with a reliable, capable chef.

3. Finish Your Decorations.

Your party planning process will be a lot less stressful if you sort out your decorations now.

With do it yourself decorations, finishing early will ensure you won’t be scrambling with glue guns and fabric the night before the event.

If you’re buying some or all of your decorations, it’s also good to make your purchases early from

This way, if anything needs to be special-ordered, it has plenty of time to get to you before the party.

Remember you may also be able to borrow decor elements from others or modify some you already have.

4. Plan Your Activities.

Hopefully, the thought you’ve already invested in your planning has given you a good idea of the best activities to offer your guests.

This is the right time to draw up a list of what your activities require and gather them in advance.

5. Assemble Your Team.

For anything but a tiny house party, you’ll probably need helping hands.

Whether you rely on friends and relatives or hire professional staff, be sensible about your labor needs.

Make sure there’ll be enough people to handle:

1. Set up before the party.

2. Helping during the event.

3. Clean up after.

Hiring event staff can be particularly handy when you’re planning a party that you want to get maximum personal enjoyment out of.

On the other hand, sometimes a close, friendly party team can have a lot of fun working together.

If you do hire professionals, make sure you get a written quote that defines their hourly rate and the length of time they’ll be working.

You want to make sure your staff sticks around for the whole job, but you don’t want to get ambushed by their bill!

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