How To Choose A Nootropic For Your Lifestyle to Enhance Cognitive Function


Nootropics are prescription drugs, over the counter supplements, and other ingredients that may help enhance one’s cognitive functions, such as concentration, memory, self motivation, and even creativity.

These so called ‘smart drugs’ have steadily increased in popularity over the years.

More people want to boost their brain functions to stay competitive in the workplace or in school and remain mentally agile even during their twilight years.

Since there are plenty of cognitive enhancing products on the market, it may be challenging to determine the one that’s best for you.

For those suffering from diagnosed mental health problems such as dementia, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, you might need prescription nootropics to deal with your symptoms. It would be best to consult your physician about the matter.

Healthy individuals may not need a doctor’s prescription, but it’s advisable to take brain health supplements made by reputable companies and backed by clinical studies, user testimonials, and expert reviews.

For example, many online health websites have reviewed AlphaBrain, a complete brain enhancer produced by Onnit, a health brand owned by American celebrity Joe Rogan.

Another way to pick the right brain boosting supplement is to consider what you need or require based on how you live.

Below are helpful tips on how to choose a nootropic for your lifestyle.

How To Choose A Nootropic For Your Unique Lifestyle:


For Active Seniors

To maintain brain health, seniors must eat a balanced diet and continue to engage in an active lifestyle.

Aside from regular exercise, activities like dancing may prevent the brain from aging.

However, nootropics with vitamin B6, or Pyridoxine HCL, as a key ingredient would be beneficial for those who want to address age related mild cognitive impairment.

B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6, may aid in significantly easing brain atrophy.

Pyridoxine HCL may also be critical in the creation of neurotransmitters, which are brain messengers. Hence, cognitive decline or dementia in older people has been linked to Pyridoxine HCL deficiency.

Aside from B6, you may benefit from the memory enhancing properties of Ginkgo biloba. Additionally, the cellular integrity of the brain’s neural connections may be enhanced by both L leucine and pterostilbene.

For Ambitious Employees

Employees who want career advancement tend to work long hours and take on extra responsibilities.

Thus, it’s no wonder that many of them suffer from stress, sleep deficiency, and even meltdowns due to the cutthroat competition in most work environments.

If you’re a workaholic, you can benefit from brain health supplements containing L theanine and L tyrosine.
L theanine is a beneficial amino acid you can find in black tea, and it may be responsible for producing serotonin and dopamine. These are enzymes that stimulate mental clarity and improve concentration.

Meanwhile, L tyrosine helps boost brain functions in people who are stressed, are sleep deprived, and have many responsibilities on their plate. Like L theanine, L tyrosine is an amino acid that promotes the production of dopamine.

For Determined Students

College and graduate students sometimes need help with memory retention to remember all the information they read from books, journals, and articles, especially during exams.

The problem is that there are many distractions in college life, including extracurricular activities, part time work, and even countless parties to go to.

So most students may be on an uphill battle for mental clarity and need help to retain what they learn from their lessons and studies.

You may benefit from taking nootropics with Huperzia serrata, Bacopa monnieri, and phosphatidylserine if you’re an adult student. All these ingredients may effectively improve memory retention.

For Competitive Athletes

Endurance, strength, and maximum physical health are not the only qualities you need to excel in sports.

If you want to be a great athlete, you also need to sharpen your mind and increase your motivation to win.

Look for natural brain health supplements that contain Huperzia serrata, which may help enhance mental acuity or the brain’s speed of thought.

Meanwhile, Alpha GPC is a critical ingredient that may promote physical endurance while improving mental stamina.

For Busy Parents

Being a parent, especially of young children, can take a toll on your mental health.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working full time or staying at home to take care of your kids, being a parent is challenging.

Luckily, some nootropics contain natural components that may help busy parents manage stress while sharpening their mental functions.

Here are two critical ingredients to look for in cognitive enhancing supplements:

1. Cat’s Claw Extract: To activate DNA repair and improve mood.

2. Oat Straw Extract: To promote blood flow in the brain and aid in easing anxiety, depression, and stress.

What You Should Remember:

Everybody wants to maintain a healthy mind, sharp memory, and better brain functioning.

Experts would agree that exercising regularly and eating vitamin rich fruits and vegetables are essential in promoting mental health.

For those who want more cognitive enhancing abilities, nootropics may provide outstanding results.

To know what type of brain supplement will best give you the mental health benefit you require, you must thoroughly research and study the ingredients of the nootropic products you want to use.

We strongly advise you for any decision regarding your health to first consult with a professional doctor.

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