Is Caffeine the Only Answer? Here are The 6 Best Ways to Improve Energy Without the Extra Cup of Coffee


Caffeine use is increasing worldwide and so is the attention being paid to its detrimental effects.

As noted by researchers, caffeine is often consumed for benefits like concentration and memory enhancement, as well as the improvement of physical performance.

However, it is also being investigated for its abuse, dependence, intoxication and even lethal effects.

With concerns increasing over the excessive consumption of coffee, caffeinated teas and the onslaught of energy drinks and caffeine laced supplements, folks are looking for ways to improve their energy without turning to caffeine.

In this article, we’ll explore simple caffeine free tips and tricks to boost energy, like using CBD products and drinking cold water.

We’ve separated them into routine and habit adjustments and on the spot body hacks so you have long and short term solutions.

The 6 Best Ways to Improve Energy Without Coffee:


Long Term Solutions

When looking for ways to boost your energy, it’s important to take a hard look at your routine and habits.

Often, you’ll find some huge red flags that will tell you exactly why you need energy from an outside source like caffeine to begin with. There are also those who claim that coffee in small doses is actually good for you.

And from all that noise we are unable to decide once and for all “is coffee good or bad for you?”.

If you want to know exactly what happens to your brain on coffee go here.

One thing is for sure, you don’t need to depend on coffee to have energy.

A few small tweaks and adjustments to your routine and habits and you won’t have an energy deficit to begin with.

1. Sleep More.

Everyone is always telling you to sleep more. Sounds nice, but how do we make that lifestyle adjustment?

Here are a couple of practical habits related to your devices that are negatively impacting your sleep time and cycle.

First, make a rule for no screen time for an hour before bed to help settle and quiet your mind.

And before that, or if you must use the device, use the blue screen filter or blocker which helps prevent insomnia.

Both of these habits will help you sleep more and better.

And beyond the device dilemma, you can also try natural, non habit forming supplements like CBD tinctures and melatonin to help you promote calmness and get you into the best headspace to have a restful night of sleep.

2. Stretch Regularly.

Try adding stretching into your morning routine as soon as you get up, as well as throughout your workday.

Stretching helps to relieve fatigue by increasing blood flow throughout your body, including to tight muscles.

It can give you a boost in the morning or during that afternoon slump that may replace your need for coffee.

This can be especially important if you’re sitting at a desk or performing a lot of repetitive motions during the course of your workday.

3. Set Work Timers.

It’s important to give yourself small periods of rest throughout the day to avoid overwork and fatigue.

If you never feel tired to begin with, you won’t have a reason to reach for the cup of coffee. One popular method is the pomodoro technique.

Set a timer for 25 minutes and work continuously.

Then, take a 5 minute timed break.

Do this for your entire workday and you’ll see that your energy will stay high and you’ll actually be able to accomplish more.

Short Term Solutions

Regardless of how well you’re working on setting yourself up for success with great habits, there will come a time when your energy is going to dip.

Maybe you didn’t sleep quite as much as you had planned because of a sick kid or a pressing work deadline. Or maybe you haven’t been as diligent about stretching and taking breaks like you should.

No need to worry because here are some quick solutions that you can make use of when your energy reserve is low and you need that boost.

4. Get to Know Your Kiss Spot.

You’re probably thinking, “My WHAT spot?”

Also known in acupuncture as GV 26, this is a point located under your nose and above your top lip, right in the center.

An acupuncturist will activate this point to help restore mental focus and calm the mind of their client. You can do the same by pressing firmly with the tip of your finger on this spot for about 60 seconds.

Afterwards, you should feel a boost in alertness.

Whether you’re feeling drowsy behind the desk or the wheel of your car, it’s a simple body hack that can really help.

5. Drink Water.

Chances are if you are feeling low on energy and fatigued, your body is also in need of a good dose of H2O.

Studies show that proper hydration is essential for optimal cognitive performance and to maintain a positive mood

Try experimenting with the temperature of the water. Some people feel that a glass of ice cold water is great at restoring mental alertness, while others prefer room temperature.

Regardless of what you opt for, just keep the water flowing! And if it’s hard to remember or track how much water you’re getting, use an app to help you.

Many can be set with reminders and customizable counters that will ensure you’re getting what you need to get you through your day.

6. Try Some Scent for Alertness.

With the wider availability of essential oils now available, research has shown that some, like peppermint, are beneficial for cognitive performance and memory enhancement.

If you’re unsure about how to use essential oils effectively, you have a few options.

Some people may inhale them directly from the bottle, but most will prefer adding them into a diffuser or specially designed humidifier with a designated tray for distribution into the air.

You can also mix them with a carrier oil, hand cream or even body wash for an invigorating shower.

Just be aware that if you have pets in the vicinity that essential oils need to be used with caution, as many have negative effects for our furry friends.

One last mistake a lot of people make:

When it comes to energy not eating enough is self sabotaging.

Caffeinated drinks are often also sugar bombs that will give you a temporary boost and a fierce crash, as will snacks and meals high in refined carbohydrates like pastries, breakfast cereals and other processed foods such as potato chips.

By fueling your body with the right material, you’ll be ensuring it has the energy to get you through your day.

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