The science behind the manufacture of Vitamin Supplements, How They are made?


Vitamin Supplements are used abundantly in today’s world.

These are available in numerous sizes and shapes.

Even some food that we eat today is enriched with supplementary nutrients.

All vitamin supplements can be categorized into three main groups, Herbs, Vitamins and minerals, Targeted formulas.

These classifications are due to their varying manufacturing and administration.

How are Vitamin Supplements Made:

Vitamin supplements are essential for a wide range of nutritional needs of today’s human beings. However, all ingredients present in the supplements are not vitamins.

According to nutritionists, only 13 compounds are called vitamins. These consist of vitamin A, E, C, D, and K, along with various vitamin B complexes that are numbered.

Among these 13 compounds, the vitamin C and B complex forms are soluble in water, whereas the rest of the compounds are fat soluble.

It is essential to take into account the bioavailability and solubility in the manufacture of vitamin capsules and pressed tablets.

Also, manufacturers must investigate the validity of raw materials that they acquire from distributors. After this, manufacturers must ensure smooth blending of the ingredients as stated by the proprietary formula.

The vitamin supplements may also contain food binders or fillers, depending on the form of the vitamin supplement. Supplements can be in powder form, liquid form, or solid pills, capsules, or gummy forms.

While a healthy diet is the key to getting the best vitamins and minerals, supplements can help as well.

There is a wide range of products available when it comes to supplementary vitamins such as Immune Support, Nature’s Bounty and Gummies Garden, which are FDA approved high quality and reliable sources.

What’s The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Vitamins:


Vitamins can be naturally sourced or made synthetically in laboratories as a dietary supplement.

However, the natural alternative is always the best source of acquiring nutrients in some cases.

In contrast, for vitamins having a simple molecular structure, like Vitamin C, both natural and synthetic sources are similarly effective.

In vitamin B9, also known as folate, synthetic supplements prove more effective than natural alternatives. This vitamin is present as a precursor known as folic acid.

The international journal of vitamins and nutrition research states that synthetic vitamin E produced in laboratories is safe but less effective than its natural counterpart. Both synthetic and natural vitamin E have a slight alteration in the molecular structure of the compound.

All vitamin supplements available in the market contain other active ingredients that act as fillers or binders. Due to these fillers, the supplements do not remain pure in form, even if the supplement company claims otherwise.

What are Various Forms of Vitamin Supplements:

Vitamin supplements are manufactured in various forms to suit the varying needs of consumers.

The different forms vary from convenient pills to yummy gummies and easy to take syrups. Here are some of them.

1. Manufacture of Vitamin Pills.

Pills are the earliest form of vitamins available.

These are engineered by pressing the ingredients together.

Manufacturing pills is the easiest among all other vitamin forms as it is possible to administer the amount of blends easily.

Some pills are manufactured to be soluble to make it easier to take.

For soluble pills, you should look for the label of USP on the vitamins. USP label ensures that the soluble vitamin is safe for digestion in your stomach.

2. Manufacture of Vitamin Powders.

Vitamin powders are available in the market, usually with other additional nutrients like herbs or proteins.

These are more convenient than vitamin pills as they can be easily sprinkled on food.

Some people prefer to add these to their drinks.

These are also manufactured by measuring the correct blend of ingredients.

Usually, powders are the purest form of vitamins as they do not need any fillers.

3. Manufacture of Vitamin Capsules.

Vitamin capsules are composed of gelatin that is soluble and can quickly dissolve as compared to the pressed pills.

Some vitamins are available solely as liquid capsules, such as vitamin E.

These are clear and swallowable and can prove to have miraculous effects on your skin for the treatment of anti aging.

Capsules covers are made up of gelatin which makes your supplement impure with added fillers.

4. Manufacturing of Gummy Vitamins.

Gummy vitamins have brought forth a revolution in the supplement industry.

Although it has active ingredients, which make it not entirely composed of the nutrients mentioned on the label, it is still the most popular form of vitamin supplements.

The base of the gummy vitamins is chewy gelatin which gives it a candy like structure and taste.

This is also the reason that it is favored by children and adults alike.

It is the easiest to consume vitamin supplement, but there is a possibility of overdose due to its pleasant taste.

5. Manufacturing of Liquid Vitamin Supplements.

Liquid vitamins are simple and easy to mix and digest.

They can be conveniently included in foods and drinks.

These are manufactured without much use of binders and fillers, making them one of the purest forms of vitamin supplements.

For the convenience of the consumers, manufacturers are offering ampoules for singular use.

Also, droppers are supplied along with these liquid supplements for measurement accuracy.

What You Should Know:

Generally, upon prescription from a certified physician, vitamin supplements are safe for the purpose of consumption.

However, precautions should be taken during consumption. Vitamin A, K, D, and E should be taken with intervals as they remain in your system for longer.

Consecutive consumption can cause a buildup that could be harmful to your tissues.

This is why a medical practitioner’s advice is a must. Also, if you are Vegan you might want to read this article about Vitamin B 12 and how to get it.

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