The 6 Best Ways How You Can Start Earning More Money in 2021


We could all do with some extra income, right?

Whether it be to cover growing bills, to build your savings or enter into the stock market more freely, an increase in income is the perfect solution to many financial problems.

That in mind, not everyone has the means to simply ask for a raise or move up the ranks in their workplace, and so we have some creative and somewhat intuitive ways to start earning more money in 2021 without sacrificing too much of your free time.

Let’s take a look at how you can start earning more money in 2021 below.

6 Ways How You Can Start Earning More Money:


1. Make All Income Work for You.

To kick things off, we want to outline that all of our tips below will work best when the income generated through them is put to work.

If you’re noticing that your side hustle is only pulling in a few dollars here and there, then make those dollars count.

Don’t simply waste them away buying non essentials, but rather consider investing these amounts or rounding them into a savings account with a high interest or long term deposit plan.

When we work to maximize the earnings from our income, no matter how small it may be, we’re taking control of our income and making our extra cash work for us.

2. Start a Side Business.

Those who have a little spare time and a hobby they enjoy, then a side business might be on the cards for you this year.

Consider carving out a few hours each week to work on things like your brand, website and product or service development and go from here.

You will find that you have a great little money maker on your hands here.

To add to this tip, considering a degree in business with Courses is also an excellent idea.

Again, you’ll need to carve out a little more time here but with some commitment and great daily or weekly planning, we’re sure you’ll find some added time.

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It’s our side hustle.

3. Consider Doing Tasks or Gigs Locally.

For our readers who have some extra time during the work week or on the weekends, it might be worth considering using this time and making some extra money on the side with it.

Considering tasks such as lawn mowing, helping people move house or running errands for our busier neighbors is a great way to make use of that downtime that would otherwise not be earning us any money.

4. Take a Look at Investment Platforms.

Typically, most investors will turn to one of the Big Four bank’s investment portals to make their investments, however, there is generally a minimum of between $500 and $2,000 per investment which isn’t ideal for a lot of people.

With this in mind, we suggest looking at some other small investment focused platforms.

A lot of these services allow you to invest just a few dollars at a time and make a steady flow of cash a lot easier to work with.

You can take a look at Raiz, for example, where you can round up your cash expenses and transfer a little money each week or month for investing in the stock market.

5. Cash Back Cards and Programs.

Another key way to earn a little extra money this year is to rely on cash back credit cards or cash reward programs. A lot of businesses out there and banks offer loyalty programs that reward you in cash, which means you’re always getting a little back on what you spend.

With that extra cash, you can move it to your investment or savings accounts and make that change work for you in earning a little more money.

6. Purge Non essential Expenses.

To end our list, we’re going to suggest turning to purge your subscriptions and services that you’re not using all that often.

Instead of earning a little more, you’ll be reducing your daily or weekly expenses and getting some more money back into your savings account. Take a look at all the subscription services you’re linked to and consider cancelling these.

From here, take a look for some other avenues to cut costs like ordering out rather than eating at home and go from here.

With our points above out of the way, it’s clear to see there are a few rather simple ways to earn a little more this year. And when we pair the extra income we’re gaining with investing, then you’re on to a winner, added income, and income that grows on its own.