6 Reasons to Opt for a LASIK Surgery If You’re Tired to Depend On Glasses


We wear glasses for different reasons. Some to protect themselves from harmful radiation, others for seeing, and there are those that wear glasses for fashion.

Your eyesight is one of your greatest gifts in life.

We had an editor that worked from LA and he had glasses.

He started wearing contacts but he still felt like they were extra problem.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing though, to just lift your face to feel the warm glow of the Californian sun as you head out for the day without having your glasses reflect the eyes or contacts that hurt?”

“Of Course, it would be.” Our editor would say.

“And there is a solution with a fancy name.” He continued.

LASIK may sound a bit daunting, but this is not something new.

Dr. Charles Manger alone who has performed over 89,000 LASIK surgeries in California, five days a week, would claim that they are safe and quick solutions.

What is LASIK?

Laser Assisted SItu Keratomileusis or LASIK is a procedure where laser assisted surgery is performed for changing the shape of dome shaped clear tissue in our eyes and by doing this we get to have crystal clear and perfect vision.

It is simple, easy, painless, and low maintenance.

Millennial lives are formed generally by their reliance and utilization of present day innovation and technology.

And the millennials are specifically mentioned here because getting a LASIK between the late 20s to 30s is the perfect time to get this procedure.

All our lives are improved thanks to cutting edge innovation. So why not use modern technology for our vision?

6 Reasons to Opt for a LASIK Surgery If You’re Tired of Glasses:


1. Completely Safe and Legitimate.

The outcomes will be with you for quite a while.

It may require as long as a quarter of a year for the full effect of the technique to be fully functional, but you can hope to appreciate the advantages for the remainder of your life.

Most individuals who got this procedure faced no complications or had other reasons to have follow up medical procedures.

You may require to visit the LASIK center you did the surgery if there are some other issues with your eye or vision that accompany maturity.

This is why getting the surgery done before 40 is a good idea, normally your eyes start to weaken by late 20s and early 30s.

2. Protection And Clear Vision.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, we can maneuver laser technologies for precision.

This helped improve our lives, but we are also constantly in front of the screen either working, chatting, watching, or reading.

This starts to weaken our eyes and makes our vision blurry and forces us to get contacts or eyeglasses.

With LASIK, your eyes will not tire, and they will stay protected from the screens.

3. Enjoy Active Lifestyle.

It is not uncommon to enjoy an active lifestyle and juggle work for people in their 30s.

LASIK can make it easier, less hassle free, and more doable.

Traveling will be easy, with LASIK you do not need to worry about your contacts drying up during flights.

Wearing contacts causes more trouble than it is worth it when compared to LASIK.

You can lead more dynamic ways of life.

Getting into actual sporting games, like swimming, skydiving, scuba jumping, skiing, and mountain trekking, can be simpler without depending on glasses or contacts and solutions.

You can finally enjoy surfing on LA beaches.

4. It Is Cost Effective.

If you sit down and start counting on how many dollars you have spent on contact solutions and glasses, you probably could pay for 3 LASIK surgeries.

It might seem expensive but in the long run, you save way more money.

You do need to buy glasses or pay for eye check ups.

Getting this procedure is saving on the amount you would otherwise have spent on lens products.

5. Builds Up Confidence and Assertiveness.

One of the main reasons why our editor wanted to take this procedure was because of his lack of confidence that came as a result of being bullied for his glasses.

Wearing glasses is perfectly normal and no one deserves to be bullied for it.

However, due to that bullying, we eventually build up a wall around us and hide.

It makes us less confident and minimizes the self respect we carry with us as we grow up.

LASIK eyes help to break down that wall. It gives you the certainty to go out openly with no dread and gives you the alternative to be without glasses.

Envision getting up in the morning and not looking for your glasses just to see clearly.

Wearing glasses is fine and normal and for many, it gives them confidence, but for those who suffer because of wearing glasses and do not feel confident in them, getting that surgery done will be perfect.

6. Get The Most Out of Life.

As we said, your eyesight should be one of your most cherished gifts. You should take care and protect your healthy eyes.

Nature has gifted us with beautiful creations, sceneries and events that require nothing else from us but to appreciate their holiness. There are so many beautiful things out there awaiting to be seen.

“It can get challenging to enjoy summers in California wearing glasses or contacts.”

“Spring and summer mean more beach hangouts, volleyball, picnics, sunbathing, and weddings.”

“A bad eyesight or glasses, contacts, can make those beautiful moments harder to experience.” Our editor explained.

You need to have the option to savor the moments, occasions, and photographs.

What Else You Should Know:

Making big decisions is hard, especially when it concerns your eyes.

However, LASIK has been around since the 90s when it was FDA approved and people are getting it every day.

If you choose to get LASIK, you will be making the right decision. As part of the natural aging process, between the ages of 40 and 45, an individual’s eyes start changing.

Before long, many need perusing glasses because of presbyopia, a condition brought about by a continuous thickening and loss of adaptability in the eye’s focal point, making it hard to focus up close.

A great many people in their 30s do not start developing presbyopia, they will have plenty of time before expecting to wear reading glasses, with LASIK they will not need them at all.