What is Spirituality and How It Is Related To Healthcare


If you read us at Life Coach Code you know that we promote a unique philosophy on the nature of a human being.

You are not just your body, you are a union of your Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart, and all of these pillars are equally important.

You can’t ignore either of them for too long and not suffer. Even when our physical body fails us, our spirit can keep us going.

Or, when our mind fails to give us the right answer, it’s usually the heart that intuitively nudges us towards our right direction.

When a person becomes ill, they have to deal with their psychological condition and broken health.

Just focusing on physical recovery doesn’t ensure whole holistic healing. Treating the mind, spirit and heart as well as the body should be the way to go.

What Is Spirituality:

Spirituality is the term we use to describe about everything that’s connected to the Spirit.

And you might wonder what The Spirit is. So let’s simplify, it’s basically the character and the story, the belief structure and the values you hold.

Someone with a different character, different story, belief structure and values will live a completely different life with your same body and in the same period and same location.

If the body is the magnet, The spirit is the magnetic field around it. Spirituality is everything you study about that magnetic field.

Spirituality is a quality that provides us a more in depth insight into our inner life itself.

It revolves around the abstract part of life, which cannot be seen or touched but can affect our lives, unlike any other physical object.

In a sense, abstract feelings can carry much more weight than the data input we get from our other senses. They often do.

Spirituality is often linked to religion. But religion is something different. The difference is like comparing science and the scientific method.

Science is a whole world and the scientific method are just rules we agreed on following that lead us to discovering more from existence through science.

Spirituality is a whole world and religions are just agreed systems through what we approach spiritual truths and other phenomena.

Religion can help us reflect on our life and its meaning, which paves the way for spiritual thinking.

However, spirituality does exist outside the realm of faith, and you can be spiritual without being religious, just like you can be interested in science without ever practicing the scientific method.

How to Improve Your Spirituality To Help You Recover:

Every human being is different, so it is hard to find a one size fits all way to develop spirituality.

One standard method is to focus on things that give you joy and comfort in life.

It can be music, art, reading, writing, or even religion. One may find peace when helping others or being in nature.

You can find your own way, or find someone who can at least teach you some methods. You can visit https://mediumfinder.com/ to get a more precise method of awakening your spirituality.

You can follow whatever gives you inner peace, as long as it does not hinder your physical well being.

You have to build a resilient mindset to awaken your spirituality. Although it is impossible to describe spirituality in a tried and tested method, one thing rings true to everyone, finding spirituality is not a solitary quest.

To fulfill spirituality, you have to relate to everyone around you.
Two stages can be defined for your quest for spirituality and well being.

1. Enhancing Yourself.

Explore and nurture the positive values within you. Be kind to yourself and learn to forgive yourself.

Getting rid of guilt, revenge, and hatred can unleash your mind from negativity.

Nurture patience and optimism in your recovery process and embrace the calmness that fills you.

Patients, especially terminally ill ones, can find it hard to cope with the tragedy as the loss of ability to fulfill their life dreams hit them like a blow.

It is very common to veer toward negativity and succumb to bitterness. If you ever feel this way, you should consult with a professional to help you cope.

2. Connecting With Others.

When we connect to others, it becomes easier for us to put things into perspective, to find meaning in our existence.

Sharing grief or discomfort with others is also an excellent way to practice empathy.

When coping with your thoughts seem impossible on your own, turn to people who share similar conditions with you. Interacting with your peers will lessen your burden.

Is The Connection Between Spirituality and Healing A Recent Discovery:


The impact of spirituality on health is not a recent discovery. All ancient civilizations and religions believed in spirituality to heal sickness.

Many religions had designated spiritual healers who were responsible for curing the sick with spiritual powers.

From the oldest healing practice found in the religion Shamanism to modern Christianity, spirituality is an often explored method to find comfort during sickness.

Spiritual healing was evident among Indian Yogis, ancient Greece, China, Egypt, American Indians, and the Jewish Essenes.

They all believed that physical healing is not possible without spiritual healing.

While ancient people depended on a passive way, with the help of a healer for example, to heal, modern physiologists suggest an active way to explore spirituality.

Psychology, Spirituality and Healing usually go together.

According to holocaust survivor and renowned author Victor E Frankl, man can suffer only when it has no meaning.

Whenever we are faced with any sort of adversity, we become aware of our existence’s triviality and our struggle’s futility.

We question ourselves, why is this happening? But the question remains unresolved.

However, this introspection is a means to find comfort within our minds.

Patients who are spiritual show better resilience in the process of recovery. They are better at coping with stress, uncertainty, and physical discomfort.

They have a stronger base to support their mental turmoil and fight all the pessimism that stems from illness.

The moment a patient changes their story and they find meaning to heal, then they have will to heal.

However, here we are not talking about achieving a zen state of mind or spiritual power.

Here we have explained how spirituality can affect your physical recovery and just by using the basic fundamental of a spiritual practice, finding meaning in existence.

Doctors should be aware the effect spirituality has on their patients.

Although modern medical treatment primarily focuses on scientific, technologically advanced approach cure, the caring and service oriented approach persists.

However, a lot of healthcare professionals lack adequate knowledge about the spiritual approach to healing.

There is also a question of ethics that further shadows the impact of spirituality.

It requires sharing confidential facts and finding comfort in sharing those. Often time, developing spirituality might be seen as imposing religion.

It also involves a lot of time and training to develop a patient’s spirituality and empathize with the patient.

Saying that, many institutions are now trying to overcome these ethical boundaries, to help their patients with their spiritual well being.

No matter what you believe in most of all spiritual approach to healthcare revolves around compassionate care and to help the patient cope with illness.

Being more compassionate is good, no matter if you believe in things as spirituality, or you believe the physical is all there is.

Healthcare service is still developing guidelines and stretching the ethical boundary to explore this psychological side of treatment.

Spiritual workup can have a broader impact by not only helping the chronically ill or terminally ill patients, it can also help patients who suffer emotionally.

If you face difficulty coping with your illness emotionally, talk to your doctor about it, as it might hinder your physical recovery.

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