How to Protect The Environment by Recycling Old Batteries


The world is expanding in all directions really fast, however, fast expansion and exponential technology advancement often leads to some negative effect on the ecology.

Many tech giants are making plans to go fully carbon neutral, meaning they will completely remove their carbon footprint.

These plans to go carbon neutral are not because that’s just the new trend right now.

The world is facing serious challenges at the moment, one of the biggest is climate change and pollution.

So we can all participate in this fight to reduce our negative effect that we have on the environment, and if you don’t know where to start, look at your car.

That’s what we are going to discuss in this article, but we will start by guiding you how to recycle your old batteries.

Now, why would you care about that?

Old car batteries contain heavy metals, such as lead and mercury.

If you throw your old car battery in the garbage, it will end up in a landfill and potentially contaminate soil and water.

Many of the non toxic components in a car battery can be reused, which reduces your carbon footprint.

Here is some information about how to start recycling batteries and what you should know before buying a new one.

Battery Recycling Guide:

Under federal US law, you are required to recycle old batteries. Some states even have laws pertaining to battery recycling. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that only about 90% of Americans do recycle old car batteries.

You can take your old batteries to AutoZone for a store credit if you have any lying around your home.

When you replace your car battery, you may charged a surcharge if you don’t bring in your old one.

When handling old batteries, take caution.

Wear gloves and goggles to protect your skin and eyes.

Place the battery in a leak proof container for transport.

It should remain upright when you’re taking it to be recycled. The fluids in the battery are hazardous, even though the battery may be dead.

This applies to any type of vehicle battery, including a motorcycle battery.

How and When to Choose a New Battery:

In some cases, you’ll know how to tell if car battery is dead, your car won’t start. But you may have signs of a dying battery before your car won’t start.

If you’ve had to jump it a few times over the past week, you should consider a replacement.

If your starter or alternator have recently been replaced, but you’re still having problems with power or starting your car, it’s likely your battery.

Before buying a battery, check your owner’s manual or look on your current battery for the group size. You can also search online for this information.

Check the other specifications, such as the minimum CCA rating. The CCA rating stands for cold cranking amps, which is the amount of power your battery needs to provide on a cold morning, when it’s harder to start your car.

If you live in a colder climate, you may want a higher CCA rating than the manual recommends, but you don’t want to go lower than the recommendation.

Look for a battery with a warranty that matches your needs.

You may want to consider a recognized brand name, because you’ll get better customer support.

If you’re not sure if the problem is your battery, starter, or alternator, bring your battery to AutoZone for free testing and charging.

The techs can help you replace your battery if you need to purchase a new one. Shop for car batteries and accessories.

3 Ways How to Protect The Environment When It Comes to Your Car:


1. Drive less.

Have at least one or two days per week when you are not using your car, if you can.

Or, make sure that all your family is transported to work or school with one ride and one car instead of using separate cars.

Some trips can be done by public transport, and other you can simply walk. It’s friendly for the environment and a healthy activity for you.

2. Go electric.

You have probably heard about Tesla and the quality its electric cars already have achieved. But in that industry things are just getting started.

So cars will just get better and better till one day electric cars outperform fuel cars.

With that in mind, why not replace fuel with something more environment friendly right now? You will be ahead of others.

3. Drive smart.

If you don’t like to go electric, at least consider about reducing all the unnecessary ways of how you waste your fuel.

Do not burn it too quickly unnecessarily by driving irresponsibly, or exercising your frustrations with high accelerations.

Be smart about fuel efficiency and you will not just save on it, but reduce your negative effect on the environment.

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