6 Things You Should Know If You Want to Find Your Serenity


All of you are cordially welcome to Serenity. But in order to find it you should know few things.

What is Serenity? It can be described as that feeling of peaceful all knowing, that divine alignment with everything. It is peace plus knowingness.

Ever since man came into existence, he tried to find answers. It is the nature of most of mankind to find a logical explanation for every phenomenon.

But the thing is that there are things beyond any sort of explanations.

Science of course is nothing but a bit of a satisfaction to all the intrusive people out there.

I am not saying that trying to find a logical answer is bad. Or somewhat disturbing or unwise.

Keep in mind that only the most brilliant of beings are able to generate questions.

We have to keep our eyes open. Perceive and interpret things. Staying blind to the wonders of the world by a sensible man is somewhat offensive.

Whenever it comes to your mind. Know that your brain and its functions know no bounds.

Your mind is a power house of all different kinds of energies.

If you want to generate questions. You have to have an open mind, a retentive memory. And an eye that sees beyond the surface of everything. And surprisingly it has all the answers.

Do you know once you have piled up your questions? Where should you go to find the answers?

Nowhere! Believe me! Literally nowhere!

All the answers that you seek lie within your power house which is your brain.

They say, the answers to the future lie in the past. It is true to some extent as having knowledge about past comes first in the list.

6 Things You Should Know to Find Your Serenity:


The greatest problem in the world is the hectic lifestyle that makes people mindless.

No one can spare time for rest, meditation, exercise, yoga or other spiritual tactics.

As a result, everyone is robbed off peace in their lives. People fall a victim to depression, anxiety, restlessness, anger, ego issues, past wounds, etc.

On the surface it might seem something that happens with everyone at one stage of life. But the thing is that it is serious.

These are the things that rob you of serenity. When you lack serenity in your life, you are unable to give your 100% to your family, friends, bosses etc. Eventually this thing is going to eat you from inside out.

The good news is that you do not need to travel to the end of the world to find serenity.

You just need to correct yourself. Explore yourself.

You are all welcome to serenity if you only try. Your direction must be right and you will be alright.

Like I said, all the answers lie within you. You just need to figure out what your spiritual energy says.

You need to listen to your subconscious and you will be welcome to serenity.

Serenity makes no complains or demands. It is your friend. It is capable of improving your potential and ultimately your output in all fields of life.

To welcome serenity back to your life. I am going to shed light on a few things you must consider.

When you become aware of these things you’ll see how it opens doors of serenity to you.

1. Your subconscious is no non living.

It grows with you. It feels things. Learn to listen to your subconscious. Do it by allowing your thoughts to flow freely, or journal your thoughts without editing, silence your judgmental mind and feel how your subconscious welcomes you to serenity.

2. The Subconscious has different names for different people.

Call it what you want. Call it 6th sense, the internal voice, the voice of heart, voice of god, a spiritual awakening. Each one is the same thing. But one thing might be a bit richer than the other, depending how it resonates to you. Do not lose its meaning in terminology. Find what works for you and call it like that. Just know that it is the direct line that connects you with the intelligence of The Universe that we all come from.

3. Learn to address yourself.

Talk to yourself when you are in a bad situation. Believe me you will find best solutions. They say, whenever I want expert advice, I talk to myself. No one is more sincere to you than you yourself. So ask yourself. Don’t be ashamed of it. You will be welcomed to serenity in this way.

4. Allow yourself to be honest.

In modern society it is considered a sign of weakness to see someone cry. Or for them to let their hearts out. The thing is that it welcomes you to serenity. It is a sign of strength, not weakness. That’s why the ego wants to look at it like weakness because it is not strong enough to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to feel.

5. Talking to god is a practice that leads you closer to your soul.

They say, If you have no god, make one because god gives you hope. It is so true. Because when you believe god knows and he watches everything. You. will allow yourself to communicate with the deepest parts of yourself, unedited. You will feel lighter. And voila welcome to serenity.

6. Try different exercises.

You can dance, meditate, have a workout. Yoga is a thing that opens up those doors which you didn’t know of. It provides you insights to yourself. You discover the depths of yourself. And your feelings. Try different things that align you and your pillars, Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart, with your Soul. See what works best for you. Aligning your self with your Soul things lead you to serenity.

How to Use This Article?

👉 Step 1. Put aside time in your day to actively get into a state of Serenity by talking to your Subconsciousness.

👉 Step 2. Try all the 6 advices from above and find the ones that work best for you to put you into a state of Serenity.

👉 Step 3. You can get into a state of Serenity any time that you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or just looking for answers.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.

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