The 5 Real Benefits Of Hiring An Online Personal Trainer that Not Many People Speak Of


To maintain our physical fitness, most of us go to the gym. However, in many places the situation with the pandemic is not allowing them to do this.

But, with the help of the internet, we can hire personal trainers to teach us online.

Are they really useful?

We follow a lot of regimens to stay fit. Having a personal trainer just makes it easier to focus and stay on track.

For people busy people hiring an online personal trainer can save both time and money.

You will have to do proper background research about the trainer you are going to hire. But still, the many benefits of hiring an online personal trainer make it worth a shot.

5 Real Benefits Of Hiring An Online Personal Trainer:


1. A Cost Effective Alternative.

Hiring personal trainers are not cheap. For instance, some trainers can charge up to $100 for each session, and this can become $800 a month.

Without a doubt, for a lot of people, that is just too much to spend. But it is much cheaper when it comes to online cases.

An online fitness coach will charge about $500 a month or less. And the costs are even lower for online coaching programs. For that, it may cost only about $200 a month.

The best reason why people should hire online trainers is that it is a very cost effective alternative.

2. Provides More Accountability.

Maintaining your health is all about determination and commitment. It does not matter what equipment you use or how much you spend on your physical wellbeing. If you are not committed enough, it is not going to work.

For in person training, you are likely to meet your trainer two days a week.

This leaves a long gap between your workouts. If you are not committed to yourself, then this gap can be detrimental to your routine.

And sometimes we might just lose track of our fitness routine and diet. Either way, online trainers can create more accountability.

In most cases, online trainers will ask for a daily update, and if you have any questions, you can contact them almost immediately through many available social channels.

3. Provides A Flexible Routine.

This brings us to our next point. Even in a time like this, where technology swears to make our life easier, we still have a hard time finding time for ourselves. This makes it challenging to stick to routines, especially regarding physical fitness.

For the moms and dads and for the students, online trainers can create tailored schedules. And since it is online, you do not even have to think about getting stuck in traffic. This further saves time.

Your online trainer will provide you the time and routine that meets all your needs, expectations and gives results.

4. You Are Not Confined By Geography.

Depending on where you live, finding the right personal trainer can be a bit difficult.

You are likely to look around a few close neighborhoods and traveling more than that just for one or two sessions a week may just seem like a hassle.

In a lot of cases, even if you have a gym close by, they might be offering only group sessions, which is not what you are looking for.

On the other hand, hiring online trainers cancels out all these geographic confinements and connects you to the best available trainer. 

It also gives you the option of picking your preferred trainer. You can quickly check their credentials and also check what others have to say about that particular trainer.

5. Perfect For Non beginners.

Maintaining physical fitness requires a lot of stuff like a balanced diet, tailor made routines, and also weight training.

For equipment related training, it is best to have in person training sessions. Especially if you are a beginner, it will not matter how good your online trainer is, they will never be able to guide you like an in person trainer when it comes to weights.

Using heavyweights as a beginner can be risky. Even using lightweight dumbbells, the wrong way can cause unexpected strains.

On the other hand, if you have been through your share of training and know exactly what you are doing, then hiring a professional online trainer can be more beneficial for you than the in person ones.

3 Things To Look For When Hiring An Online Trainer:

Now that we know about the benefits of having an online trainer, it is time to make sure to check a few things before hiring one.

1. Check For Their Qualifications.

There are a lot of charlatans in the world of the internet. So, make sure you are hiring someone worth paying for.

Organizations like the ACE and the NSCA, National strength and conditioning accusation, offer certifications to a lot of trainers. Check whether the one you choose has that.

If you can not find specific information on their profile, then ask directly and check if they are legit.

Also, make sure they have the right expertise to cater to your needs. For instance, pregnant women looking to build up strength need someone who has dealt with moms before.

To make sure you do not get scammed, start by taking advice from your friends, family, or doctor.

If you have been reading blogs of a few trainers, then try reaching out to them. Use NSCA or ACE to find available trainers and verify their certification by using the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

2. Make Sure They Are Accessible.

One of the main reasons for hiring an online trainer is that the schedule is supposed to be flexible and tailor made so you can perfectly enjoy your work life balance.

Ask questions about how many clients your trainer has at the moment, and will they be able to personalize your routine.

3. Be Aware Of Extremely Cheap Programs.

We mentioned how low the costs could be for hiring online trainers.

But if you see a trainer offering their services for $200 a month with more sessions than regular trainers, then you should be a bit skeptical.

Trainers who worked hard to get certified generally will not offer services at that low of a price.

Hiring an online trainer has a lot of perks, but if you are someone completely new to working out, than it is better to go for an in person one.

If not, then you can save plenty of time, money, and get the desired results by hiring an online personal trainer.

Just make sure you know what are your goals with the trainer and what is that you want.

How to Use This Article?

👉 Step 1. Evaluate your goals and reasons behind those goals as what you want to achieve with your fitness.

👉 Step 2. If you cannot find a personal trainer in person, than looking for online personal trainer is your best option.

👉 Step 3. Start looking online for what type of trainer will fit your goals, then check qualifications, their accessibility, credibility, and choose the best one for you.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.