5 Important Reasons for Wearing A Facemask


Ever since the outbreak of the world pandemic, there have been numerous pleas from health experts for the public to wear facemasks to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Wearing a mask has become compulsory in some countries and city states.

Studies show that the mask prevents respiratory fluids from being released to the environment from your mouth or nose.

Below are five vital reasons to wear a face mask.

5 Reasons to Wear A Facemask:


1. Protect other people.

Coronavirus spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or talks.

Facemasks act as shield blocking the respiratory droplets preventing the droplets from landing on another person.

According to research conducted at Florida University, respiratory droplets travel more than 8 feet without a mask.

You can imagine how many people might come in contact with the droplets and get infected with the deadly virus.

However, masks reduce that to 1 foot, which reduces the chances of affecting other people.

2. You may be asymptomatic.

At the onset of the pandemic, only those infected used to wear masks to protect others.

However, after some time, it becomes apparent that the virus can be transmitted during the 14 day incubation period before one start showing symptoms and who never develops any symptoms.

As a result, the CDC broadened the guidelines, further urging everyone to wear a Custom Facemask with three layers for further protection.

In addition, CDC urged companies who offer Facemasks for Sale to lower their price and produce more to accommodate everyone.

3. For you Protection.

Some studies suggest that cloth face masks offer protection for the wearer. This is a collective benefit. Here is a beautiful guide that will show you how to choose the right Facemask for you.

If the whole community wears a face mask, then the respiratory particles will be blocked, thus, there will be fewer viruses circulating in the community, reducing the risk of infection.

This is because you will be breaking the chain of infection. In addition, a report from Health Affairs indicates that places with facemask mandates have a decline in positive cases.

4. Mask may help the economy recover.

Masks could act as an alternative to help the economy recover.

Recent spikes to coronavirus cases have seen countries going on total lockdown, pausing all activities.

This has resulted in an increase in unemployment and reduced revenues.

However, the widespread of masks could slow down the spread of the virus, thus flattening the curve.

And by slowing down the rate, it creates a way for phased reopening of countries and city states that we significantly hit economically.

5. No alternatives.

There is no vaccine yet to treat the coronavirus. Thus, implementing the guidelines such as using a face mask, washing hands regularly with soap and water, maintaining social distance is the only way to remain safe and healthy.