Guide on how to use CBD oil for Warding Off Anxiety and what are its benefits


The greatest mental threat in the world today is anxiety. It seems like every second person struggles with this lingering pest.

The reason for the growth of anxiety in the world is our unreal comfort, our ease of living has literally imprisoned us.

We are sheltered in imaginary realities and senses of security from the real reality of life and the world, from our own human vulnerable nature.

And we are too distracted, all the time, every day. There are distractions on any directions we look fighting to grab our attention.

These two factors, too much comfort and living in fake realities filled with distraction make us waste our life in trivial things that do not matter.

Part of us knows this, and this part wants to grab our attention through anxiety, that we are not on our right tract, we are doing something that’s not aligned with the truth of the world or who we are, that we are ignoring important questions that need to be answered.

We are all made for movement but we live more sedentary lives. We all have mental softwares that developed for thousands of years and helped us evolve, but now they are outdated to live with in this recent society that’s no older than 100 years. All of this adds up and makes us fertile ground of anxiety.

We are still looking for danger of predators subconsciously living in modern society. If we do not see a predator, all we are left with is our primed mindset to find danger.

So if we cannot find problems we imagine problems. We create solutions to our imaginary problems, and in the process of doing so we create more problems that demand solutions.

No wonder the world is in so much anxiety.

In this article we will talk about two types of Anxiety, GAD and Social Anxiety and how to use CBD oil to help yourself.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety and what are Its Benefits:


Generalized anxiety.

This anxiety can be ever present. It may be triggered by all kinds of factors, including financial stresses, relationship worries, and upcoming events.

If you have generalized anxiety, you’ll know that the mind rarely settles. The brain is always thinking up new potential problems and worst case scenarios. Staying regularly topped up with CBD oil is a good way of easing symptoms.

Holding the oil under the tongue ensures much quicker results than if you were to just swallow.

The oil is transported into the bloodstream via the sublingual glands, and then into the brain through the blood brain barrier. Not all compounds are able to cross this barrier, but cannabinoids can. Wait for a couple of minutes before swallowing the oil, and at least 20 minutes before deciding if you need a stronger dose.

Studies have shown that CBD is well tolerated in very high dosages, but there’s no value in taking more than you need.
Tincture effects tend to last for around three hours, but this isn’t exact, so don’t be surprised if your CBD wears off sooner or later.

You’ll soon get to grips with how your body responds to CBD dabs, and learn how much to take and when to top up your dose.

Social anxiety.

The quick speed of delivery that tinctures provide is even more paramount when dealing with social anxiety.

With this condition, symptoms emerge suddenly, and can become overwhelming in just a couple of minutes.

Social anxiety can have a significant, adverse effect on quality of life, destroying social skills and self confidence.

Those with severe symptoms may even excuse themselves from social gatherings, as it makes them so uncomfortable. 

CBD energy drink can help with social anxiety, just as it can with generalized anxiety.

Indeed, one of the best studies to date on CBD and anxiety looked specifically at social anxiety. In that case, participants were given CBD capsules, although it’s likely that a tincture oil would have been even more successful.

Obviously, there will be times when your anxiety is set off by unforeseen circumstances. CBD honey sticks are discreet and have no discernible aroma.

CBD oil for pain and anxiety.

You know how to use CBD oil for GAD and social anxiety, but did you also know that tinctures can reduce pain and anxiety at the same time? According to surveys and questionnaires from CBD users, pain ranks above all other reasons for using such products.

Researchers are still learning how CBD manages pain, and just how effective it is in comparison with other drugs. But there’s no need to wait.

Safe, hemp based CBD products are already on the market for you to use. As with anxiety, CBD oil is great for pain because of the streamlined effects.

As CBD is sold as a supplement, there’s little definitive advice on how to use tinctures, and any other CBD product, for anxiety. That’s why keeping a detailed record of how it influences you can be so useful.

Writing down how different dosages affect you, whether coconut oil is effective for you, and if there are differences between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oils is all invaluable information.

In the long run, it will improve your experience with CBD oil for anxiety.

And note that we do not advise or promote the usage of CBD. We are just sharing information that some readers might find helpful. It’s always the smartest decision to consult with your doctor before making an important decision for your health.