5 Ways How To Prepare For A Facelift Procedure


Confidence is something many associate and validate through beauty. If people see you as beautiful you feel more confident. This is not a healthy association with confidence, nor its beauty that gives real confidence.

Many people do everything they can to look younger and more beautiful just so they can feel more confident. But some go through these procedures because their profession demands.

No matter if you do it out of necessity or it’s simply your desire to change your style, procedures like facelift are becoming more common these days. Getting ready to get a procedure it’s a process in itself.

We spoke with many doctors and experts, one that is specialized in a laser hair removal and botox treatments in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and all of them said that any procedure, no matter what it is, needs thorough preparation.

And today, we will take a look at how you should prepare for facelift surgery. But before we get to the nitty gritty, make sure that you have the best doctors taking care of you.

Ok, so almost any preparation for a procedure can be separated in months before the procedure and days right before the procedure so you can better organize. And the preparation itself will make you live healthier lifestyle.

5 Ways To Prepare For Facelift Procedure:


Months before the procedure!

1. Stop smoking.

We all know that smoking is bad for us, but stopping the crude habit can be challenging. More so, if you are to get a facelift surgery done.

As you smoke a cigarette, the smoke produced contains carbon monoxide, which displaces oxygen in your skin.

The nicotine in the same cigarette reduces blood flow leaving the skin dry and discolored.

In addition to that, smoking also depletes essential skin nutrients such as vitamin C that play a significant role in skin repair. If you want to heal faster, you have to stop smoking.

2. Adopt healthy habits.

When you drop bad habits such as drinking and smoking, you should adopt healthy ones.

These are like eating right and drinking lots of water. These two habits facilitate healthy skin, which is a necessity for a facelift procedure.

Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and drink at least two liters of water each day. No junk food, no fatty foods.

3. Get lab tests in check.

Before you even decide on places of focus on your face to lift, you must do it the healthy way.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there is so much that meets the eye. Is the area of focus healthy enough to get lifted?

Is your facial skin thick enough to support and hold the stitches in place? These are you just some of the things that need to be medically supported.

With that said, the best place to do so is through lab tests to examine if everything is okay.

Right before the surgery!

4. Avoid taking any unprescribed medication.

Medicines such as anti inflammatory drugs, pain killers, and others have blood thinning effects that can be harmful during the operation.

With such medications in your system, you tend to bleed more, which is not suitable for you.

If you happen to have a condition that requires an aspirin or any other drug, consult your Doctor, and they will prescribe something fitting to avoid complications on the table.

5. Apply only the creams the Doctor instructs.

Certain skin products such as some sunscreens may interfere with your skin’s chemical balance.

And most dermatologists will refer you to the best kinds to use right before your surgery.

No matter if you have a procedure or not, it’s always best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and look healthy because you are healthy.