The 7 Ways How to establish yourself as a business speaker


Though some people get intimidated when they have to give a speech, others are simply gifted at it.

If you have the natural ability to speak to an audience at corporate events, then you should invest in it since you can turn this gift into a profitable career.

Being a successful business speaker may not, however, come easy since you must establish yourself as an expert in a specific field.

Being an expert in public speaking can help you motivate and educate numerous people at different business events.

It may take you a lot of time before you start getting paid for what you do best, but with the right approach, you can be an established business speaker. Start with implementing the following to achieve this.

7 Ways How to Become a Business Speaker:


1. Discover your niche audience.

Finding out who you should be speaking to can help you narrow down your search when looking for speaking opportunities from different sources.

For instance, if you are a medical expert, you should focus on giving speeches at a conference full of nurses or interns looking to grow their skills in medical practice.

If you have been practicing law for years and are gifted at public speaking, you should consider making presentations in a law school.

Understanding your niche audience can help you become a relevant speaker to people whose lives you can change. Being an authoritative source can make it easy for event organizers to start booking you to give speeches at their business meetings.

2. Do not work alone.

Working alone is a bad strategy when you are trying to establish yourself as a business speaker.

You need to connect with other well established speakers who can help you build your career.

Picture this, a church that already has pastors that the congregation loves often invites new pastors to speak at Christian conferences from time to time.

This concept also applies in public speaking in that business speakers usually try to spice things up by getting new speakers who can provide a different perspective to an audience.

You, therefore, have to form strong relationships with successful business speakers to get more speaking opportunities.

If you don’t know any famous speakers in your niche, you can find some of them on speaker bureaus.

Even if such a bureau may not connect you with an event when you are not yet popular, it can give you exposure to well established speakers who can be of great help.

3. Consider pursuing higher learning opportunities.

Regardless of your level of education, you can always enhance your speaking skills by taking up higher learning opportunities.

This can help you always deliver new or unique content every time you make a presentation to an audience.

If you have unique information that other speakers may not have, then you increase your chances of being invited to different venues from time to time.

You should, therefore, enhance your speaking skills by learning more about non verbal communication, voice projection, or even acting.

This can transform you from an inexperienced speaker to an engaging and dynamic one.

4. Market yourself.

In the past, business speakers had to pay so much for them to market themselves to corporates.

Nowadays, the internet has made it easy for speakers to market themselves. You need to ensure that you do this powerfully, both online and offline.

Make use of platforms such as Google Hangouts and Facebook for you to increase visibility.

You can even share some of your content on Youtube videos so that event organizers looking for business speakers can easily find you.

Establishing a business website can help you share more information regarding the kind of speaker you are so that you can interact with the right target market.

Ensure you create content that can attract a lot of potential clients. You should also consider joining a public speaking group around your locality for you to test your skills by giving speeches at events in your community.

Doing this can help you meet some like minded people who can give you their opinions regarding your speech. Take any criticism positively since it can help you boost your skills.

5. Be willing to do speeches for free.

If you are starting out, you should not focus more on the profit that you can make from speaking opportunities but instead building your career as a public speaker.

You, therefore, need to be open to different invitations to speak on various subjects even if they are not paid gigs.

Doing this can help you get the experience that you require to enhance your style of presentation.

In free speaking gigs, ensure that you give your best speech since people rarely forget great business speakers.

They can easily recommend you to others. Giving free speeches from time to time can, therefore, boost your exposure to various potential clients.

6. Create contacts and start making calls.

Once you start gaining attention from some interested individuals, you should add them to your contact list.

Give them a call and try to be conversational. Remember to introduce yourself and let your potential clients understand your objectives.

If, for instance, a client is searching for a business speaker to give a presentation at a conference, you could explain why you are the right candidate for the position.

You can even send them an email that includes a link to a demo video you may have created. This can help you stand out in the competitive market.

7. Determine your budget.

When you have some level of experience, you can now think about how to charge your clients for your services.

You should be reasonable as you consider your pricing since setting a very high amount can prevent you from getting speaking gigs.

Only celebrity speakers are paid very high amounts for giving speeches at events.

Research on what other regular business speakers charge for their services online so that you can set a reasonable amount.

Building a career as a successful business speaker will not happen overnight, but with these strategies, you can achieve your goals.