9 Consequences of Bullying on Children According to Research Paper


Bullying is a phenomenon that happens all over the world, affecting all levels of schooling. Bullying is defined as the harassment a student suffers from peers, on an ongoing basis.

The following research paper, presented by CopyCrafter, attempts to investigate the consequences that children suffer from being victims of bullying.

The aim of this article is that those who read it become aware of the seriousness of the issue and that we all, as a society, do something to eradicate this social problem once and for all.

Types of Bullying:


The bullying that children experience within a school can be psychological, physical and even sexual. There can also be a combination of these three types of attacks.

Psychological bullying can be subtle, such as derogatory looks and slurs, where the aggressor demonstrates power over the victim.

Then there may be more explicit attacks that include name calling and yelling, with the goal of belittling the victim and making fun of him or her.

Physical bullying includes hitting, cutting, and pushing. This type of bullying is perhaps the easiest for adults to detect because the wounds and bruises suffered by the victims are visible.

At a global level, cases of sexual bullying have been detected among children who are attacked by older and larger children.

This brief description is intended to inform the nefariousness of school bullying. Children who are victims of this scourge suffer serious consequences, which are detailed below.

9 Consequences of Bullying on Children:

1. Lack of self esteem.

The children who suffer from bullying feel that they do not deserve love because after being attacked for so long they are worthless.

2. Mental disorders.

It is common for children who have been assaulted to suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks.

3. Self flagellation.

Children feel overwhelmed by the aggression they endure on a daily basis, so some of them hurt themselves to relieve the tensions they suffer. The most common form of self flagellation is cutting the skin into slices. When an adult notices this behavior in a child or teenager, he or she should ask for immediate professional help.

4. Fault.

Children who suffer from bullying end up agreeing with the bully and feel guilty about being the way they are.

5. Self Harm and Even Suicide.

There have been cases of children who have committed suicide because they could no longer bear the aggression of their peers. This painful fact serves as a warning to society to be aware of the issue since bullying can have tragic consequences.

6. Negative school performance.

Children who are attacked have a very bad time at school, so they don’t feel like learning or studying. This is another big warning to parents. If they notice that their child’s school performance is negative, it is because that child has serious problems, which are reflected in low grades. Parents should support their children in this difficult situation and never scold them.

7. Psychosomatic diseases.

It is common for children who have been assaulted to suffer from psychosomatic illnesses. A psychological problem causes illness in the body. The most common are gastroenteritis, headaches, insomnia, and hives.

8. Mistrust.

Almost all children who suffer from bullying are afraid to meet new people and make new friends. This fear can last into adulthood if the child does not receive proper psychological treatment.

9. Not wanting to go to school.

When children are attacked by their peers for a long time, it is logical that they do not want to go to school. This is a big warning to parents, if their child says he or she doesn’t want to go to school anymore, it is because something serious is going on there and parents should do something about it immediately.

How to Prevent Bullying:

This research paper has sought to explain to adults the consequences suffered by children due to school bullying.

There is much to be done but in the immediate future, we can all work together to eliminate this scourge.

To begin with, we must denounce this problem when a child is suffering it. Teachers must be trained to fight against bullying.

The most important thing is to listen to the children and to denounce and remove the aggressors.

Finally, it is necessary to create legislation that protects children who have been assaulted and that guarantees the correct treatment against bullying.

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