5 Cute and Unique Ways to Reveal Surprise Gifts To Your Loved Ones


Recently we, the team at the Life Coach Code decided to choose the people we most care about in our life and think of interesting ways to give them gifts and let them how much they mean to us.

I decided to go online and search for some good presents. I found an online store that sells gift baskets and I got one for my family. But then I thought that just giving them a gift is kind of boring. So I sat down and though of interesting ways how I can reveal this sweet surprise to them.

When you have acquired an incredible gift as I did from https://www.gifttree.com/v3/fruit-baskets, simply handing it over is not good enough. I decided to share the 5 interesting ways I came up with in this article.

Not everybody likes surprises, but if you manage to create the whole process of surprising to be fun, then who would not want a little fun, right? It doesn’t matter who you are, or how old are you, gifts make everyone happy.

And what makes people scream with excitement is when they get a surprise gift they weren’t expecting and they didn’t even know they wanted. Keeping it a secret until the right moment can be tricky sometimes, but we got you covered.

5 Cute and Unique Ways to Reveal Surprise Gifts:


1. Create a treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt is fun. The aim is to have the recipient figure out where the gift is by following some clues or answering some questions. The questions or clues direct the recipient to a new place or direction where they find a new question or clue. The new clue reveals the next location, so on and so forth until the gift is found. This would be entertaining, right?

2. Pack the gift in a prank box.

Hide your real gift in a prank box that will make them wonder what such a product could be. If your real gift is lighter than the fake product displayed on the box, add some stuff in the box to make it heavy and enhance the ruse. Wrap it nicely, keep a straight face, and be sure to record their reaction.

3. Surprise them with a clue.

Are you planning on gifting your special someone a surprise trip? Surprising them with a clue would be the perfect way to reveal your intentions. You can give them a calendar that has the dates of your planned trip crossed out. Alternatively, you can mark the travel dates by pasting the airline tickets. You can tell them to pack for the trip, but you should not reveal the destination. Keep them guessing. Note that planning a surprise gift requires adequate planning. You need to be sure that the person will be available for travel on those dates. You can choose long weekends or holidays when you are sure they have days off. Vacation surprise gifts are awesome.

4. The improbable delivery person.

If you are gifting someone gifts on special occasions like on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or on Christmas holidays, that person might be expecting a gift from you. Logically thinking, they would expect you to be the one presenting the gift. That’s where the unlikely delivery person comes in and to a happy surprise. Find a person who the receiver thinks would not expect to present the gift. A child would be an obvious choice. Other great choices would be a neighbor to pretend they got your postal delivery by mistake or attach the gift box to the collar of an obedient pet.

5. The unexpected discovery.

Let your recipient stumble on the gift instead of just giving it. Place your gift in some incongruent place where you are sure the recipient goes every day. It could be a medicine cabinet, a cereal box, a briefcase, shoes, or a bike helmet.