The 3 Biggest Social Issues of a College Student and How To Solve Them


It is not an easy task to be a student, but definitely the adventurous one. Apart from every problem college students face during their studying, their routines are full of impressions, emotions, adventures, inspirations and knowledge, all in all.

However, we cannot deny that talking about adventures is always easier than about conflicts, stress, burning deadlines and other issues.

In this article, I would like to figure out what is the main college students’ problem, in particular regarding social issues, why they happen and what are the best ways to not just cope but resolve them.

The 3 Biggest Social Issues of a College Student:


1. Homesickness.

We grow up, learn how to talk, how to walk, get older, meet first friends, everything happens at the same place that we call home. As a result, when you move away, for example when you get into a college far away from home, feeling lonely, abandoned or even depressed, it’s normal.

What to do? You want to know how to solve feeling homesick? Well, that’s not as hard as it seems, you just need some time. While you are waiting for that feeling to pass, do not hesitate to make friends, visit more events or just study harder. I know plenty of examples when such practices helped. If you can do three things to help yourself, those are meet as many people as you can, find hobbies, and schedule a weekly time to speak with friends and family.

And remember that it’s normal to feel like this, everyone does. See this new opportunity as exciting and have fun while letting time pass and the feeling of being homesick passes with it. Home is not a place, it’s where the connection with people you have comes from, and that can be anywhere as long as you keep in touch and grow your social circle.

2. Time management issues.

We all know how to procrastinate well. However, students are the most endangered social group. Without decent support and good practice they can easily get trapped into wasting time without control on things that do not serve them. What is funny, that if you ask an average student to write an essay on social issues, they’ll most likely choose the time management problem. So by just being curious, you can find dozens of essay samples online.

What to do? Control yourself, it is easily said, much harder to apply it. Technology can be a great distractor. But it can also be one of the most powerful tools if you use it for your benefit. Use free online materials to learn about time management techniques and write that essay, if you need one. You can also use your devices to restrict your joking around time, you can meditate, you can find out what are your productive hours, so to move important activities into that part of the day. You can compete or do some group activities, because it is natural to perform productively when there is a competitive component.

Realize that time is the most precious resource we have, so do not waste it on things that are not for your benefit, that are meaningless and steer you away from your goals. Use technology as tool to shape your reality and not as an escape from it.

3. Too much info.

The amount of information this world produces every second is overwhelming. So the only way to get along with this is to accept it the fact that we are not able to absorb everything, that we need information filtering. Nowadays, students are vulnerable to this to get everything done syndrome. Take the essay writing as a sample.

What to do? Take a bigger picture of your life, prioritize, and search for balance. Writing paper takes time and effort, and young students, who haven’t prioritize and balance their routine yet, often bend over backward to write a masterpiece. As a result, they are sinking in the amount of information they cannot absorb and process, they neglect other tasks, they get disappointed with their imperfect results. However, time passes, and students realize that their priority is not to lose the head and time in the endless stream of info but to get things done on time, not to get stressed and not to forget about other tasks. So a student asks for help, samples or checking on professional writing services. And that is nice.

Know that it’s not about the information, it’s about what you do with it, about taking action. You don’t need to know everything at once, you just need to know what it is required at the moment. All the information in the world will not help you as much as couple of right pieces of info at the right time.

And please, remember that we can all get influenced by social issues, but we are always free to choose our attitude over them.

At the end of the day, it’s not about these issues, it’s how you deal with them.

If you need help with your studies, essays and time management strategies you can schedule a free consultation call with me or one of our coaches to see how we can help. In the meantime, keep reading us and use what you read.