3 Ways How To Train Your Mind To Preform Better Under Pressure


Your mind can give you the key that unlocks all the doors in the world, or be your worst prison, the difference is in how much you have mastered it.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Even saying it’s powerful it is an understatement. Your mind literally shapes the reality around you.

However, this wild beast can lead you to places you really don’t want to be at if you let it run untamed. So you must learn to master it.

Mastering the mind should be your priority, it should be for all of us. Most of the world’s problems come from untamed minds.

Conquer yourself. Do not try to control your mind, but learn how it functions. Then, learn how to use it and learn how not to be controlled by it.

For example, your mind can go really wild when you are under pressure, it can generate unreasonable decisions. Here are simple tricks how to train it.

3 Ways To Train Your Mind To Preform Better Under Pressure:


1. Give small rewards.

What do you think gives better results, punishment for bad performance or small reward for a little improvement in the positive direction? According to neuroscience and many psychological studies, small rewards for positive behavior are more effective.

According to B.F. Skinner, famous American psychologist, behavior which is followed by positive reinforcement tends to be repeated. In short, decoding what we did wrong is harder for our mind than following what we did right.

We can use this trick to train our minds to preform better under pressure. For example, let’s say you have a lot to study and you are under pressure. Your mind will postpone things that demand lots of energy from it until the last moment.

Our minds have couple of priorities, and the biggest one is energy efficiency: finding ways that cost least energy and mental capital but give good enough surviving results. You will most likely avoid studying because it costs your mind lots of energy.

You will postpone it until the last moment when the pressure is too high that you cannot handle it anymore. Instead of waiting for your pressure to motivate you and letting your mind control your actions, train your mind with positive reinforcement.

If you need to study 3 chapters, and each chapter has 9 points, create rewards for each point you study. Take 30$ and give them to someone. Tell them to give you 1$ for each point you learn, and bonus 1$ for each completed chapter. You’ll be much more motivated.

2. Prepare for things not going your way.

When you are not using your mind, your emotions are using it for you. Whatever you feel determines what your mind will perceive and what it will think about. Because of this fact, when you are under pressure your mind can overthink and be irrational.

Being under pressure promotes feelings of anxiety and feelings of anxiety tend to make us overthink. The more we overthink the more irrational we get because we lack critical thinking. Getting one step ahead of your anxiety can train your mind to preform better.

Your anxiety basically tells you that something can go wrong, but you have no idea what, hence the overthinking. If you practice a protocol for things not going your own way you already have a strategy if something goes wrong. You’ll free your mind from anxiety.

3. Create a 3 priorities mantra.

No matter how much you try to conquer and control your mind, it will always have a certain freedom. Because the truth is, your mind will always play on its own, the difference that you need to make is to not let its play move and control you. Think in terms of water.

How do you control water? By taking each piece of drop and putting it where you want the water to be, or do you create a certain pathway so the stream of water flows there naturally? of course, it’s the latter. It’s the same strategy with controlling your mind.

Whenever you are under big pressure, let’s say you need to negotiate something, do not control every word of the conversation. Instead, create 3 priorities and remember them as mantra. So whenever your mind steers of, these will keep its flow in the right direction.

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