The One Main Cause Behind All Anxiety And The One Way To Get Rid Of It


Most of our mental problems come from the false realities of the world we desperately want to believe in.

Anxiety is something that is on the rise these days. The world has an epidemic of anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness.

It’s strange that in this modern society we have so much mental disorders. We have so much more opportunity yet we are so much more imprisoned.

We are imprisoned by our own mind, by our own emotions. It seems like the people in the past had some kind of resilience that we don’t.

It’s not that we don’t have this resilience, it’s that we have created fake realities that we trust. We have become addicted to certainty and comfort.

Humans in the past faced the real nature of the world every day, and that’s uncertainty. We don’t. But avoiding uncertainty is the cause of all anxiety.

How To Deal With Uncertainty:


As we said, the core of all anxiety is our inability to accept the uncertain nature of the world. So we create illusions of certainty.

The only way to deal with uncertainty and get rid of all anxiety might sound counterintuitive, as it is the only thing we run away from.

The most effective way to deal with anxiety is to embrace it. Accepting it. Accepting uncertainty as part of the world and everyone’s life.

Accepting that there will always be uncertainty in each and everyone’s life is literally like going into the eye of the storm.

Everything you always ran away from, everything you always did for security, for certainty, for comfort needs to be seen as it is, an illusion.

Face the illusions that give you a sense of security and certainty, and you’re left with the raw reality of the world, continuous change and uncertainty.

How you can do this? Well think, remind yourself everyday of one big fact that we try to avoid. We do not perceive even 1% of reality.

Our senses perceive only a tiny bit information, our mind can process even a tinier chunk from that bunch and most of it is distorted by our biases.

So the reality we know, the certainty we think exist, is based on a fragment of reality. It’s like trusting a blind person to help you cross the street.

There is no way to see the real reality, to perceive it, there is no way to know all the variables in play, so there cannot be certainty.

We know so little about how the world works, most of what we know and base our science on is still not completely proven.

The only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty, it’s that change happens continuously and we construct our reality based on illusions.

But how does this help with anxiety? If anything, this can create more anxiety, right? Well that’s what we were led to believe by our fear.

In fact, pondering about this fact, pondering that the real nature of the world is uncertainty puts you one step ahead of anxiety.

What anxiety really is, it’s a messenger. It’s an emotion, and like any emotion it exists to tell you a message.

It tells you that something, an event or a situation has the potential to shatter your beliefs about the world, or yourself and your role in the world.

It tells you that something has a potential to show you that the reality you live in, the certainty you feel is false.

You might know what exactly is, like doing a public speech, or you might not even know what you are anxious about, but you are.

And you are because some part inside you knows that the certainty you feel, the beliefs you lean onto, are just an illusion.

So you overthink, you over worry, you try to be as certain as you can, to know all the details. And knowing sometimes it helps reduce your anxiety.

But it’s just a cover, it’s not really a way to deal with your anxiety. It’s putting it under the rag. You deal with anxiety by trading certainty.

If you have already accepted that certainty is an illusion and uncertainty is everywhere, you already know the message anxiety wants to tell you.

Anxiety has no power over you, you don’t run away from a situation that has a potential to show you certainty is false because you know it is.

So you go right into the core of anxiety and you take the message it wants to tell you, you take the power it has over you and you are free.

That’s how you deal with anxiety, how you get rid of it once and for all, by accepting certainty is false and uncertainty as the real nature of the world.

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