Decode Into Superhuman


The Spirit


The Mind


The Body


The Heart


100% Potential

Balancing your 4 pillars is the only way to unlock your 100% potential



Test Your Balance

Free evaluation of your balance status through a highly precise and unique test.


Free Coaching

Get a customized prescription for your unique balance status and free coaching to unlock your 100% potential.


Unlock Your True 100% Potential

Balance your 4 pillars, unlock your 100% potential and and become the best version of yourself.

"Everything you do in your life is but a glimpse of what you can actually accomplish."
dejan davcevski hyatt
Dejan Davcevski
CEO, Coach

We are dedicated to help you unlock your True 100% Potential

We have created a simple test that will evaluate your 4 pillars, The Spirit, The Mind, The Body, The Heart, and diagnose the ones that are out of balance.

As you discover your Unique Balance Status (UBS) you will get a customized prescription of a Step by Step Guide with tasks and challenges to help you rebalance your pillars.

Just by discovering your UBS you will understand so many things about yourself. Your stresses, anxieties, worries and problems will make so much sense!

But not just that. We will tell you how to actually solve them once and for all!
Literally. No BS. You’ll get an actual long term solution!

You will be offered Free Coaching by us to help you on your journey of becoming your Best Self. We will guide you to Unlock Your True Potential!

We just love helping people. It’s how we serve the world to become a better place for all of us!Global Points