5 Simple Steps To Stop Overthinking And Make A Decision


Overthinking is wasting mental energy, it’s an addiction, it’s misusing your mind power for nothing that serves you.

Overthinking is one of the biggest issues and one of the main reasons people procrastinate and do not accomplish their goals.

The mental energy that’s is wasted on overthinking can be used in much smarter ways for accomplishing whatever you want.

Our mind is a supercomputer but we need to learn how to use it. It’s really powerful and sometimes it overpowers us because we lack discipline.

But discipline is trained. And until you train your discipline you can learn a couple of mental techniques to tame your mind and use it in better ways.

In this article we will tell you 5 simple steps that will help you not overthink, but just think enough to decide your best option.

5 Simple Steps To Stop Overthinking:


1. Describe your options.

When you are stuck between more than one option you probably overthink your potential choice. Describe your options in depth and you might find something you didn’t see.

2. Find out what is pulling you.

When you know your options you should look for what underlying emotion is pulling you towards each. Is it love or fear? Do you run away from something or towards something?

3. What is your aim?

What you try to accomplish is the reason you are taking action, make sure the choice is based on this rather than emotion. When it comes to accomplishing goals, choose reason.

4. What is the potential outcome?

Evaluate the potential outcomes of each of your top rated choices. You might see that there is something you are missing to see in some of them that will benefit you.

5. Take action before your mind.

When you know all the info, choose the option that’s bringing you closer to your goals and it’s based on love. Take action, just execute before your mind has time to overthink.