How To Keep Fit And Be Healthy By Following A 5 Step Daily Routine


Being healthy is one of the greatest treasures. We all forget how valuable health is until we get a little sick. Then we remember.

But you don’t have to get sick to appreciate your health. Humans, every living being, who is born healthy has a natural tendency to health.

Health is natural, it’s us who sometimes conflict our natural state of being healthy by following some questionable lifestyle choices. Health is natural.

You don’t need to add more things to be healthy, you need to remove what prevents you. Do not stand in health’s way and have a healthy routine.

People struggle to create and maintain a routine that helps them boost their cognitive and physical health. Be healthy by following this daily routine.

5 Step Daily Routine To Keep Fit And Be Healthy:


1. After you wake up, exercise for 30 minutes then eats breakfast.

Experts argue that the best time for the gym is in the morning, according to this article at WebMD. You will not have a healthier body by exercising in the morning rather than in the evening.

The objective is to have your body release the happy hormones that will keep you in high spirits throughout the day. You achieve more when you are happy.

Different people have different exercise routines. Whether you choose jogging or lifting weights, make sure that your method leaves you sweaty but rejuvenated.

The healthiest breakfast in the world is a balanced diet. Ensure that your plate has some proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fruits. So, a mug of your favorite coffee is not enough breakfast unless it’s accompanied by something else like nuts, toast, and an apple.

Many might argue about the importance of taking breakfast, but experts say that the meal helps you to have high energy levels throughout the day.

2. Take short breaks during the day.

After exercise and breakfast, you get down to work. Whether you are a stay at home parent or a wolf on Wall Street, deliberately slot in time for breaks.

Ten minutes out in the yard or the coffee room will do wonders for your health. You can have one at eleven in the morning and the next one in the afternoon.

Take regular breaks if your work is hugely involving to avoid burnouts. Breaking from work reduces your chances of getting heart diseases, stress, and fatigue, according to Psychology Today.

Activities you can do during work breaks include yoga, enjoying some hot gossip in the coffee room, taking a short walk, jumping on the trampoline, calling your parents, or reading a book.

Guard this time jealously for it’s your chance to refresh and regroup.

3. Snack at eleven in the morning, and four in the afternoon.

Did you know that you should not forget your snack? How else do you intend to maintain your energy levels and brain function?

You will hear a lot of stories about the kind of snack you should have in between your meals.

However, the most crucial factor in your snack of choice is its nutritional value.

What can you do to ensure your snacks are nutritious?

You can calculate your snack’s nutritional value by checking the bag and make sure that your light meal contains some proteins, minerals, and fiber.

4. Drink a glass of water every hour.

Is there a need to emphasize the benefits of drinking water?

You cannot create a healthy routine that doesn’t have you taking at least two liters of water per day.

You must stay hydrated all day long. Imagine you can download an app that will keep reminding you to hydrate if you are not a big fan of water.

You also need to ensure that your water is safe for drinking.

If you are using tap water, kindly invest in a high-quality water filter. Check out the Aquasana review by

5. Have a consistent time for lunch and dinner, best lunch at 1PM and dinner at 6PM.

A healthy routine must have specific times for lunch and dinner.

Remember, you are not supposed to skip any meal.

You know the importance of lunch, thus what you need to do now is make it part of your schedule.

You also know the benefits of dinner, but you must have this meal at least two hours before your bedtime.

Each of these meals has to contain the three food classes, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

You now know how to keep yourself fit and healthy by following this daily routine. Nevertheless, for a habit of being productive, you must be disciplined and determined to achieve the results you have in mind.