6 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Avoid Hair Loss


Hair loss is an annoying problem for many men and women. Even though it’s completely normal to lose a bit of hair each day, some people might lose more than the normal amount.

There are many reasons why this might be happening. For starters, it may just be genetics, but there are still things that one can do to prevent further hair loss.

There are some simple things you can do at home to keep your hair healthy.

6 Things to Keep Your Hair Healthy:


1. Avoid particular types of shampoo.

There are many types of shampoo products that come with potent chemicals that can be damaging to your hairline. They might clean your hair really well and act as conditioners, but a lot of those products dehydrate your hair, which can cause it to break and fall out. Try to look for naturally based formulas without any harsh chemicals. Additionally, there are a lot of shampoo formulas today that promote hair growth. Simply put, if you are already having issues, a shampoo can help you combat hair loss.

2. Avoid high tension hairstyles.

Hairstyles like dreadlocks, cornrows, ponytails, braids, and any other tight style that pulls your hair contributes to hair loss. These hairstyles cause stress, which leads to thinning and broken hairs. If you prefer these hairstyles, use elastic scrunchies or simply make your hair looser. With dreadlocks and cornrows, the negative effects are most visible. Try to avoid going with any high tension hairstyle as not only will your hair get weakened over time, but your scalp will also get damaged.

3. Scalp massages can be beneficial.

You may have heard of scalp massages, but the important thing is to actually incorporate it into your hair care routine. The best way to do this is while showering. After using your conditioner or shampoo, you can massage your scalp, while at the same time spreading the product evenly. Why a scalp massage? It’s quite simple. Massaging your scalp promotes blood circulation, which leads to increased hair growth. Grab your head with both of your hands and move your fingers in a circular motion throughout the whole scalp, and your hair follicles will get the much desired nourishment.

4. Avoid hot showers.

Everyone enjoys a nice hot shower. However, most people don’t know that showering with hot water is actually bad for their your hair. We all know that washing anything in hot water delivers better results, but you don’t need to do this when washing your hair. Shampoo can do just fine even in entirely cold water. Hot water also dehydrates your hair, which leads to negative results. Additionally, when your hair is wet, it’s more sensitive, and a lot of people like to comb it after a shower and dry it off with a towel which causes further damage to your hair.

5. Low level laser therapy.

Various studies have been done recently on the effects of laser therapy on hair loss. Low level laser therapy can be really helpful for people who are losing hair due to some sort of treatment, chemotherapy or just plain genetics. There are a lot of laser therapy options like Illumiflow’s laser cap treatment which uses a low level laser to help improve the cellular functioning of hair follicles on one’s scalp. There are similar treatments that claim to use low level laser therapy technology but these are just inferior LED devices.

6. Supplements and vitamins.

A receding hairline or baldness is not something new. The pharmaceutical industry has recognized these problems a long time ago and has worked on delivering drugs that can help people grow their hair back. Drugs can be really effective, depending on how your body reacts to them. You should try to eat a healthier diet and check your body what it lacks. Every single vitamin is important for your body to function properly so make sure you take your vitamins through food. A healthy hair is part of a healthy body, and a healthy body is a result of a healthy lifestyle.

These tips should help you understand what you may be doing to contribute to your hair loss and the options you have for growing your hair back. In the end, remember that nutrition is also very important for hair growth. Pay attention to what you eat, and eat healthy food regularly.

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