The 5 Necessities Of Everyone’s Life That Are Behind The Cause Of Most Cases Of Depression


The world today suffers from anxiety, depression and loneliness. These are one of the biggest struggles for humans, as it is reported.

But they are not the root cause of the problem. They are just a symptom, a result of an underlying emptiness in our lives.

Maybe we are more connected than ever, but these advancements in our society have steered us away from our basic needs us humans.

One of these basic needs is human connection, a real connection, a physical one. Most cases of depression follow a pattern of unmet needs.

There are 5 necessities in each person’s life that need to be meet. If one or more of these are unmet the person’s chances of depression increase.

The 5 Necessities Of Everyone’s Life:


1. Basic needs like clean air, food, water, shelter.

If your basic needs are unmet it’s really hard to have a balanced body chemistry. These necessities are priority for our nature and they need to be your as well.

2. Positive career.

Having a job is not enough. You need to feel productive. You need to feel that the job you have is leading you forward and it’s also earning you enough income.

3. Basic healthy habits like exercise and quality sleep.

Your day will be filled with dullness or unhealthy habits if you don’t fill it yourself. Exercise, quality sleep, good hygiene and healthy diet are a backbone of happiness.

4. Purpose.

Having a strong purpose is not just going to give your life meaning and increase your positive mood, but it has shown that it might even improve your immune system.

5. Intimate relationships.

These are not just relationships with romantic partners. Intimate relationships are all relationships where you can be vulnerable enough to be seen as who you are.

If you struggle with any of these 5 necessities, write us an email at [email protected], let us know what of these 5 necessities specifically you lack in your life the most, and we will organize a free coaching call where we can discuss how we can help you to overcome them.