Tips For Winter Season For Sorting Your Child’s Wardrobe


Having a smart strategy is the key to unlock the lifestyle you want to live. It’s important to organize your life and it doesn’t have to be hard and good strategy means less stress.

There are some tips and tricks you can implement in your strategies that will help and ease your processes. As, for example, sorting your child’s winter clothes.

The cooler temperatures are on their way, and before we know it we will feel the first chills of winter again.

While there’s plenty to look forward to in the cozy winter season and the holidays, it also poses a challenge for parents who want to ensure their children are safe.

It’s often tempting to go overboard and buy far more than any child really needs. A better option is to build a capsule wardrobe which requires far fewer items.

What Are The Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe?

Building a capsule wardrobe for children is not only a cheaper option as you don’t need to buy as many pieces, but it will also save you a lot of time and stress in the morning. Less stress means more mental capital.

With fewer choices, we can make quick decisions about what to dress children in and, if we’re honest, most people gravitate towards the same items in their wardrobes again and again anyway.

In addition, it means that you can invest in items which are more durable rather than what’s called fast fashion and this is a much better system for the environment and the world.

What to Include in a Capsule Winter Wardrobe for Kids?


To create a capsule winter wardrobe for kids, it’s best to opt for neutral colors, simple designs, and unbranded garments. Durability is also a key factor to ensure the items can withstand being worn and washed over and over again. Finally, comfort should also be high on your list so your children can play out in the rain, snow, and mud.

Here are the key pieces to include in a capsule winter wardrobe:
4 x sweatshirts and/or hoodies
4 x long sleeve shirts
3 x short sleeve shirts
5 x pairs of pants
For girls, 2 x dresses or skirts with thick tights or leggings
6 to 8 pairs of socks and underwear
3 x pairs of cotton pajamas
1 x pair of slippers
2 x pairs of indoor shoes, 1 for school, 1 for play

You also need to think about the all important outerwear such as a high quality coat, like for example the ones sold by Gloverall, a place that we visit ad that helped us. But you can find many others.

Think as well about lightweight jacket or fleece, a couple of hats and pairs of gloves, a scarf and some winter boots. Depending on the likelihood of snow where you live, a snowsuit might also be a good investment.

To work out what you have already and what you need to buy, search through your home for all the clothes and make a list. You might be surprised by what you already have hidden away in cupboards and under beds.

How to Shop on a Budget?

Apart from coats and boots which need to be high quality to withstand the winter weather, some other items do not need to be bought as new. Buying everyday clothes for children can be a false economy when they grow out of them so quickly, so for the items that you only need a few months of wear out of you can head to a local thrift store or buy online. There are plenty of bargains to be found if you have the patience to shop around.