9 Reasons Things Not Going To Plan Can Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You


There is no better plan than allowing life to be life and controlling how you respond to whatever comes to you.

We are all addicted. Maybe not to a substance, but to a feeling. We all crave security and comfort. We cannot stand when we are not in control.

But no matter how much you feel in control, no matter how much security you think you have, it’s all just an illusion. Life is meant to be mystery.

We give our best to know things, to predict things, to plan things, to get that sense of control and security. But there are many things we cannot control.

There are things we cannot control, yes, but there is one thing we can always control, our own choices, responses, our free will.

Sometimes things do not go according to plan, bring you to strange lands, but maybe there you will meet someone you didn’t imagine can exist.

9 Reasons Things Not Going To Plan Can Be The Best Thing:


1. The best things are outside of your comfort zone.

When we make a plan we actually create the borders of our comfort zone. We know, this is what will happen, and it gives us a sense of familiarity and security. But this sense is an illusion, the world is uncertain, and the best things are out there in the unknown.

2. What happens is not your responsibility.

No human can control everything. The waves and their shape is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is how you react to the things that happen, how you respond. When you face uncertainty it will teach you that your real freedom is in how you respond.

3. Sometimes we don’t know what we really need.

We make plans thinking that we know what’s best for us. But you are not wiser than life. Maybe what you really need is something unexpected. You might think you need to be alone to heal, but maybe you meet someone who is so right for you, it heals your heart.

4. Our plans are not that good.

We think that we can make the best plan for us. But we don’t take in consideration that we know so little about life. We don’t know most of the variables and we plan based on information, not experience. We are amateurs when it comes to making plans.

5. There is no magic in planning.

Making a plan means that you are certain about what you will do. But this certainty takes the magic out of life. To be really alive means to allow life to happen, fully, to embrace all possibilities. To let life surprise you, show you what you don’t know you don’t know.

6. We grow when we are in the unknown.

When something is not according to our plan, or when we don’t have a plan, we find ourselves in the unknown. We don’t control anything there. But outside of our comfort zone is where we grow, we unlock parts of us that would have remained dormant.

7. Your perception is limited.

We forget that our perception is very limited. We can perceive only a tiny fragment of reality because of our senses, and even this part is filtered through our psyche and emotions. So maybe our plan is not that good, it is limited in knowledge and by emotion.

8. There is always a better plan.

No matter what kind of plan we make, there is always a better plan because there is always something changing. Trying to make a perfect plan is a fool’s errand. The best plans are usually made in the moment, they’re flexible, in alignment with the changes of things.

9. The real beauty in life cannot be planned.

There is no plan as beautiful as life showing you that there is some greater purpose. Some greater entanglement of things. When things just show up at the right time and at the right place, and it’s like someone have written a story you partake in. It’s better than any plan.