10 Reasons Why Kindness Is The One Most Important Trait For Achieving Wealth, Health And Life Long Happiness


One of the most important things the world needs these days is more sincere kindness.

There are many secrets to wealth, many opinions about what’s healthy, and countless advices on what’s really the quickest way to life long happiness.

But life is not so simple, these things are not something you solve with a formula. The solution is more of an art rather than a step by step guide.

This does not mean that what people tell you is not true. It doesn’t mean that the healthy diets does not work, or that there is no real wisdom.

It does not mean that there are no techniques for acquiring wealth. It means that you should play the long game and not look for a shortcut.

But if you really want to know the one thing you need to have wealth, health and happiness, here it is. It’s kindness.

10 Reasons Why Kindness Is The Most Important Trait For Wealth, Health And Happiness:


1. It gives you self compassion.

Being kind to other people is more rewarding to you because you are training the same kindness for yourself. This gives you bigger self compassion.

2. It helps you plow through tough times.

Being kind to yourself doesn’t mean that you’ll not push yourself, there’re tough moments in life anyway, being kind means that you have yourself by your side in those moments.

3. It is the counterpart of grit.

To be able to push yourself and stretch your limits you need grit, and kindness is its counterpart. Only with kindness you can have such perseverance.

4. It generates a gentler mental judge.

Being judgmental is a two edged sword. How you think of others you think of yourself. Kindness, then, will make the judge in your mind a lot friendlier.

5. It paints more colorful reality.

When you are angry you tend to notice only the things that bug you. In the same logic, when you are kind you will perceive a reality with more things that reinforce your kindness.

6. It helps you make friends more easily.

Think of people who make your day a little bit brighter. Kindness is what they have in common. Being a kind person is a person that everyone wants to hang out with.

7. It removes resistance for improvement.

Improvement and growth demand being uncomfortable. We all resist discomfort, but if you’re kind through your journey, the resistance is decreased and your way is smoother.

8. It makes it easier to move past failure.

To fail is inevitable if you want to grow and improve, but failure is just a stepping stone that leads you to improvement and kindness will remind you of this.

9. It builds strong character.

Kindness is not a sign of weakness, nor an easy trait to possess. It is actually one of the toughest traits, one that demands confidence, integrity, courage and mastery of self.

10. It makes you look at things you are thankful for.

Practicing kindness is practicing a positive perspective. Kindness will make your perception perceive things to be thankful for as a default, and that’s the secret mindset to happiness.