10 Rules For Being A Person Who Doesn’t Care What Others Think


Take all the cares you give to the things that don’t really matter and invest them in the few things that really do matter.

We are all living in this world and we should all respect each other. We should all care for each other. However, many people care too much.

They care about what others think about them, what others would say, what others would want, how others would feel.

It seems like they care about other people but in reality they care about their version of them within the perception of others.

In reality they care about an illusion of them that others construct. And they spend their whole life trying to perfect this illusion.

This is sickness, it’s inflammation of the caring system. But there is cure is. Here are 10 rules of people who don’t care what others think about them.

10 Rules Of A Person Who Doesn’t Care:


1. Do the things that make you happy without explaining yourself to anyone.

2. Follow your joy even if you are the only one.

3. Realize that we are all living in our own little worlds.

4. Learn to hang out and have a great time by yourself.

5. Be unapologetic about your opinions and tastes.

6. Let people do what makes them happy and mind your own business.

7. Be ok with the fact that the versions of you others have in their own mind belong to them and they are not your business, your business is who you really are and how much of who you really are you show to the world.

8. Stop seeking approval and validation from others.

9. Find the things that are worth caring for and redirect your cares there.

10. Recall the things you saw as important and how they don’t matter now.