The One Mental Tool You Should Learn This May To Become A Super Version Of Yourself


If you ask yourself what is the one thing that you need to do, to move closer to the reality you want to live in, you would most likely know what it is.

If you ask yourself what you regret, you would most likely say it’s something that you didn’t do. Even today, you didn’t act no something.

You knew you should have taken action but you started thinking, and then you started overthinking, creating problems that aren’t even there.

And you didn’t take the action. This is what makes our lives miserable. This is the biggest thing, not taking action when we need to.

That’s why learning this simple mental trick, getting this mental tool can be the first step in making your life a lot more beautiful and fulfilling than it is.

The One Mental For This Month:


The 5 Second Rule

This mental tool is really simple to use, and that’s something that can throw off many people thinking that it’s not that important or powerful.

But this mental tool is like a key, it looks small, it is a simple tool to make and use, but it can open the thickest and toughest doors.

And we don’t hype it’s simplicity. It really is simple. It’s a technique that helped the best selling author Mel Robbins to drastically change her life.

She was so depressed that she wasn’t even able to get out of her bed. And while watching a NASA spaceship have a lift off on her TV she got the idea.

As the spaceship launched she also launched out of her bed. You can read all about her story in her book called “The 5 Second Rule”.

So what’s this tool all about? How to use the The 5 Second Rule, implement it into your life and make it a habit?

Just count down from 5 to 1 and take action.

It’s literally that simple. When you see an opportunity, something that you know you should do but you usually don’t take action, count down and go.

You see somebody you want to approach? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and just go. Take a leap of faith and go. Trust that you will think of what to say as you go.

If you don’t doesn’t matter, you still took action, you will feel incredible. And you train this tool to become a habit with every time you take action.

It sounds simple but it actually has science behind it. You don’t give your mind a chance to generate reasons of why you shouldn’t take action.

Our minds need more than 5 seconds to start overthinking something and creating unlikely scenarios and reasons to not take action.

Our minds, all they want, is to remain unchanged and to save as much energy for us as they can. So they give you reasons to do that.

But you want to change. So in order to bypass this system that’s keeping you in prison, train yourself to take action in less than 5 seconds.

You can do this by making this technique a habit. Use this tool whenever there is something that you want to do, that’s how you train it.

It’s going to be harder at first, it will demand more conscious effort. But as you train it like a muscle, it will become easier and more natural.