3 Reasons Why Online Coaching Is Better Than In Person And How To Find An Online Life Coach


Online coaching is giving more results in our experience.

Life Coaching is one of those professions with an interesting name that nobody really understands. What is a life Coach really? What do they do?

A Life Coach is a professional who is dedicated to mentor you into the life you dream of living. They will guide you by the hand to your dream life.

This sounds wonderful, right? But how will they do this? A Life Coach will evaluate your situation and see where your biggest blocks are.

These blocks are what’s preventing you from making your dream life a reality. And once the Life Coach finds the blocks they create a plan.

This action plan helps you remove those blocks. Ok, so do you need to find one in person? Not exactly. Online coaching is much better! Here is why.

3 Reasons Why Online Coaching Is Better Than In Person:


1. The Life Coach is easily reachable and available.

When you are getting coached in person you have a limited amount of time you spend with your coach. And you also need to schedule meetings.

This takes more time and energy. Getting an online coach you are free to reach and contact them whenever you want and from wherever you want.

All you need is your phone. Most online coaches will even encourage you to contact them often, they will even give you real time action tips.

2. You get full credit for your results.

Probably one of the biggest reasons why online life coaching is better than in person is the fact that you don’t get dependent on your coach.

Coaching in person can become like a quick fix where you lean your progress toward your coach, and when they leave, you feel powerless.

An online coach will give you actions steps and instructions, but then, you alone take those steps. This builds confidence and more longterm results.

3. It’s easier to find a Life Coach.

Looking for a good Life Coach close to where you live can be really hard. Sometimes you might not even find one.

But online you can find a Life Coach even if you are on a deserted island, if there is an internet. All you need is a phone and an internet, that’s it.

Search how to find a Life Coach and you will get many results. And there are all kinds of coaches from health to business.

Who Can Become an Online Coach?

Graduates of psychology, psychiatry, law, health related courses, life sciences, or social work, can work as an online life coach.

Hence, a career in social work doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to be physically in the community to help improve the lives of people.

Anybody can become a life coach in the online world. You can even read self made online coaches based on their real life experiences.

But, it is still best to choose professionals with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to conduct coaching sessions.

So, it’s a must to know the credentials and experience of your prospective online coach.

How to Choose an Online Coach?

When choosing an online coach, it’s crucial to get to know the person better. It won’t hurt visiting their website and compare several coaches. This way, you can find the best life coach for you.

1. Coaching Course Offered.

Determine the content of the coaching course by knowing the details, like the topics to be discussed. Know the benefits the coaching course promises to offer.

2. Schedule Availability.

If you need urgent help, this factor is an important consideration. You want a professional coach to keep you guided at your most convenient time. That’s why you have to know the available coach schedule if it matches yours. You might want to choose someone who can offer a flexible coaching schedule.

3. Mode of Communication.

Ideally, videoconferencing is the best mode of communication because it mimics face to face interviews or coaching. However, if you’re not convenient with this option, internet calling or phone call are other alternatives. Feel free to talk to your prospective coach about available communication options.

4. Fees.

The professional fee is usually found on the website of the online coaching service. Some coaches charges per hour while others charge per session.

Or let us help you. We can help you find the right coach for you. In fact, we offer you a free consulting call with one of our coaches to evaluate your situation and give you an action plan you can take. The call is completely free, just write us an email at [email protected] and we will schedule a call. Take action, get a coach.