The 3 Immediate Actions You Can Take If You Want To Find A Better Circle Of Friends


Real friendship is about much more than just not being alone.

It’s not enough to just have friends. That’s not what’s it about. Friendship is about sharing similar values that you hold really dear deep in your soul.

Most people have so called friends just so they can have someone to go out with, just so they are not alone.

But it’s better to be alone than have friends who you don’t really connect with, friends you don’t really share anything similar with.

And most people have such friendships. But in this article we will tell you 3 exact steps you can take to find friends you can really connect with.

Having real friends is something priceless and it’s worth searching for. The best thing is that finding friends in modern times is much simpler.

The 3 Immediate Actions You Can Take To Find Friends:


1. List all the things you are passionate about you can think of.

Take a piece of paper, a pen, and think about all the things that you are passionate about. Try to list at least 10 things you are passionate about.

These things can be sport, music, movies, games, whatever you can think of that excites your heart and fills you up with wonder.

When you have 10 things you are passionate about, look at the list, try to be as specific as you can of what exactly makes you passionate about them.

2. Find 3 hobbies around your passions that you can attend.

As you look at the list of your passions, try to think of activities you can do to bring you in contact with your passions.

For example if you are passionate about sport, see if you can train some sport as a hobby, or if you are passionate about stories, find book clubs.

When you have 3 hobbies that you can actually attend, find the ones close to where you live and enroll.

3. Get to know as many people as you can from those groups.

The important step is actually this one. When you attend the activities, the hobbies that connect you with your passions, get to know people there.

In all probability these people are passionate about the same things that you are passionate about, and striking a conversation can be easy.

However, once you get to know enough people, some of them can become close friends. And you’ll have a circle of friends who share your passions.

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