5 Ways You Can Use Loneliness To Your Advantage


Loneliness is not about the relationships you have with other people, it’s about the one you have with your self.

The greatest paradox of modern society is the fact that we are more connected to each other than ever, and feel more lonely than ever.

Depression, anxiety, loneliness, these are the global epidemics of modern society. And all of these things are a result of one fact, we neglect ourselves.

If we dive deep in loneliness, it is a result of our failure to connect with our own selves, to make a loving relationship, it’s why we cannot relate.

When you don’t have a relationship with yourself, of course you’ll be lonely. No matter how many friends you have, you cannot truly relate with no one.

We need to change the way we see loneliness because it’s not the feeling that’s bad. There are 5 ways you can use loneliness to become a better self.

5 Ways You Can Use Loneliness:


1. Find your hidden strengths.

Feeling lonely is a great period to do self introspection. In fact, loneliness could very likely be a signal that you are in need of self introspection.

Loneliness is just the label we put on feeling lost, confused, not knowing who we are or where we should go in life, having nobody to tell us.

When you take this time to actually sit with yourself and dive deep into your character you’ll find strengths about you that you weren’t aware of.

These strengths were part of your character you just didn’t know. You can do introspection and realize that you are better person than you thought.

You can find out that you are actually a good listener, a kind hearted individual, a fun person, a great storyteller, a loyal friend, a romantic.

2. Reconnect with your soul.

You can be with thousands of friends and still be lonely deep inside, just as you can be completely alone and not feel lonely at all.

The secret of this conundrum is actually the cause for your loneliness. Nobody is lonely because they are alone.

You are not lonely because you have nobody to be in a relationship with, you are lonely because you don’t have a relationship with your self.

And most likely this is the cause why you are not in a relationship, because your relationships are all reflections of the one you have with your self.

So use loneliness as a sign that you have lost connection with your self. Be with your self, reconnect with your soul, become aware of your purpose.

3. Reevaluate who matters.

We often act rude to the people who actually love us, and beg for attention to people who don’t care one bit about us.

Loneliness is a big sign screaming to you that you need to reevaluate who is worthy of your time and energy. Who really matters.

We spend time with people we don’t even like, people we don’t care about, and ignore the ones who we love the most.

The people who we love the most should be priority on our list of who deserves our attention, and being lonely you have time to see who cares.

The ones who really love you will reach out to you. If nobody does, reach out to people who you really love. In both cases you know who matters.

4. Release emotional pain from the past.

We are lonely for one of two reasons. Either we fail to make a loving relationship with ourselves, or there is emotional pain we need to resolve.

In most cases it’s a mix of these both things. We fail to have a loving relationship with ourselves because there is emotional debris in between.

We can’t see who we really are, we can’t reconnect with our soul because there is emotional pain from the past blocking our way.

And we need to release this emotional pain from the past. We need to face it, embrace it, and let it run its course as we release it.

If we don’t release it, this emotional pain from the past will make us relieve similar situations. So release this emotional weight. Feel it and let it go.

5. Get to know other strangers.

There comes a period in most of our lives when our friends go their way and we are left alone. This can be a big cause of loneliness. But it’s ok.

We all have different journeys in life. The people you call friends were strangers once. And you met them. You became friends.

You are free to make as many friends as you like. And the world is full of people who share your values and preferences.

You can go out and socialize. You can meet new people, maybe even better friends than the ones you have. You can even meet the love of your life.

Being lonely is the last mood where you think of meeting new people, but it’s also the biggest sign that meeting new people is exactly what you need.

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