3 Simple Things To Do In The Morning To Have A Happy Day


What you feel in the morning is the theme of your day.

They say that the way we start our mornings is the way we go about our day, and this is so true. That’s why feeling happy in the morning is crucial.

If you start your day with stress and drama, the rest of your day will most likely have the same theme, the same flavor.

And most of us are not even aware of how our day begins, most people have no control over their morning and what they feel.

They get up, check their phone, get a little frustrated, a little entertained, and they go by their day. They don’t use the power of mornings.

Here, in this article, we will reveal to you 3 simple things you can do each morning to insert a happy theme to the rest of your day.

3 Things To Do In The Morning To Have A Happy Day:


1. Think about the happiest moment in your life.

We all have these moments when we felt the happiest. They are stored deep within our mind. Trying to recall some of them will immediately make you happier.

In order to summon these memories you should ask yourself when did you felt the happiest in your life and wait for the answer to surface. Give it couple of seconds.

When the memory shows up feel free to explore it. See it, feel the happiness that you felt, try to sense other details in the memory. Do this for couple of minutes.

2. Play music that makes you happy.

There are songs that we like, and there are songs that make us stand up and dance, songs that make us sing the lyrics out loud even though we might suck at dancing or singing.

These songs evoke excitement and intense happiness within us. They have the power to immediately shift our mood from sad to happy. We have strange connection with them.

So create a list of such songs and play some of them each morning. Let the emotion of happiness take over you, sing, dance, move as the happy energy makes you move.

3. Think about everything you do have.

We are so obsessed about couple things we don’t have, things we think we must get in our life so we can feel whole. However, we tend to overlook all that we do have.

And we have so many things that we neglect. We have so much things to be thankful for, so many things other people would trade lives to get. Yet, we frustrate about what we lack.

Thinking about all the things you have, things you are thankful for, and lowering your bar to the little things, that are actually big, you will immediately feel happiness and love.