12 Tips for Organizing Your Academic Life And How to Stay Motivated


Being a student is not only about reading dull textbooks, writing boring papers, and attending tedious classes. You also get to party a lot, go to all kinds of fests, hang out with your friends, and do many other exciting things.

Sadly, you don’t have a lot of free time for all those activities, especially if you have multiple academic commitments hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles. So, how do you strike a perfect balance between life and study then?

We would like to provide you with some important insights into how you can organize your academic life and stay motivated even during the most stressful times. Wondering how to combine living your life to the fullest with doing well in college? We have all the answers!

12 Tips for Organizing Your Academic Life:


Schedule Your Day:

Students increasingly complain about not having enough time. They often spend sleepless nights, have circles under our eyes, stress over missed deadlines, or cannot meet with their friends.

We want to keep up with everything, but we frequently forget that it requires careful planning. If you aren’t particularly good at time management, we recommend you check out the following tips:

1. Make a to do list every day and write down the most important tasks.

2. Set the estimated time required to deal with each thing.

3. Do not try to cope with everything at once and set your priorities.

4. Before going to bed, tick the things you’ve done and come up with a to do list for tomorrow.

At first, it may seem boring, but after you get used to scheduling things, it will be a lot easier for you to organize your daily routine.

Learn to Value Your Time and Effort:

Education is not only about getting the highest grades and putting yourself in your teacher’s good graces. Sometimes, students’ desire to keep up with all their assignments and college projects causes them to become extremely tired, have headaches, and suffer from insomnia. And all this for the sake of one good grade!

Of course, attendance and academic performance matter a lot. However, it is essential to understand that, in most cases, things won’t work out perfectly on the first try. Here are some tips that can be useful for each student:

5. Install apps that make studying more enjoyable and cram free.

6. Use timers and make short breaks to relax.

7. Do not do tasks that don’t affect the overall result.

8. If you face a real challenge, don’t be afraid to ask for help (senior students, parents, essay websites).

Try studying responsibly but without bigotry. Grades do not define you as a person, they merely show your academic competence. There is at least one thing you should remember, everything that is done without motivation and sincere desire is unlikely to be effective.

Pay Attention to the Smallest Things:

Great things start with small beginnings. To reach perfection in something, it is crucial to pay attention to the tiniest aspects. And the same is true of academic life. Being a student, one can find it really hard to organize their learning process effectively.

If that is the case with you, you should probably take a look at the things around you. Is there enough light in your room? Do you have a comfortable workplace? Do all of your pens write smoothly? There’s a bunch of things improving which you can make your learning process a lot more convenient! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to put yourself in the mood for studying:

9. Make sure there is enough light in your room. If not, buy a desk lamp.

10. If possible, open your window for several minutes to let in some fresh air.

11. Buy some nice stationery (good pens, notebooks with blank sheets, pencil cases, folders, etc.).

12. Keep your desk clean and organized. Print out some motivational pictures and attach them to the wall to get some inspiration.

These small tricks may not make any sense to you, but we suggest you try them anyway.

We guarantee they will make your learning process much easier and even satisfying at some point.

Try thinking beyond your assignment and don’t forget, there’s more to life than just getting good grades and attending classes.

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