3 Things Keeping You Stuck In Life And How To Let Them Go


The only thing on your way from being your best self is the idea you have of what your best self is.

We are habitual animals. We, humans, need to create habits and rituals to follow. However, most of us end up imprisoned by the things we create.

There are few individuals who live with their true potential. And you see them and think they are somehow better than you. They are not.

They have found a way to escape the imprisoning loop that keeps them stuck and chained from living as their best selves.

Your best self is your true self unchained, living through your true potential. The things that keep you stuck need to be let go.

There are 3 main things that keep most people on a leash, stuck in life, preventing them from being their best selves. Here is how to let them go.

3 Things Keeping You Stuck In Life:


1. Past trauma.

Most people think trauma is something that happens only to certain individuals. Truth is we are all traumatized one way or another.

Trauma is a normal part of life. It usually happens when we stumble upon circumstances that are overwhelming or we don’t know how to handle.

The problem with trauma is not dealing with it, stuffing it down ourselves. That’s when trauma becomes your master and keeps you stuck in a loop.

The loop is keeping you reliving similar circumstances that trigger this trauma, but all your subconsciousness wants you to do is to deal with it.

Your subconscious mind moves you toward similar circumstances in order to remind you that you have things pending to be dealt with.

The emotional trauma is an energy stuck within your nervous system. in order to unstuck yourself you need to release this energy.

To let go of your past traumas you should look for things that trigger you the most, things that make you react disproportionate with reality.

Then, dive deep about what they evoke. Ask yourself ‘why is this thing upsetting me?’, ‘what does it mean to me?’, ‘what if that’s true?’.

As emotions resurface, ask yourself ‘when was the last time I felt like this?’, ‘when was the first time?’, stay with whatever comes up, see it, and let it go.

2. Toxic environment.

Even if you keep releasing your past traumas you are still stuck if the environment around you and within you is toxic.

What we mean by this is that toxic environment is basically and outer element and an inner element, both are usually interlinked.

The outer toxic environment might consist of toxic people, social groups like family, social structures, draining responsibilities or unhealthy lifestyle.

You might hang out with people who prevent you from being your true self or be stuck in habits that waste your energy on unimportant things.

The inner toxic environment might consist of negative thought patterns, unhealthy food, ailments, destructive information or emotions.

The food you eat has a big impact on the way you feel, on your mood, on your energy. All these things are a factor, they keep you stuck in your life.

To let go of the effects toxic environment has on you, first become aware what is exactly toxic in both your outer and inner environment.

When you have a list of toxic things, for example, toxic friends, job that drains you, negative thoughts, unhealthy eating habits, start removing.

And start removing them in a smart way. Don’t go all out. Transition one day at a time, spend less time around toxicity, one step after another.

3. Limiting beliefs.

Most people are not living through their true potential not because of past traumas or toxic environment, but because of limiting beliefs.

Beliefs are like rules of the game you play, rules you create yourself. However, most people are unaware they create their own beliefs.

So most people feel like their beliefs are the only reality that exists. They feel powerless when it comes to their beliefs. So they don’t change.

And they have lived according to these beliefs for so long, they have mapped reality through these beliefs, that changing them is scary.

It’s really scary. It means collapse to almost everything they are certain about. So most people will choose living in misery than changing beliefs.

It’s scary, but it’s just an illusion. And when you change them you will think you always lived like that. But reading your journal will surprise you.

To let go of limiting beliefs you need to detect them first. What beliefs prevent your life from being easy. Find them and write them down.

Now find people who live differently, find examples that contradict these beliefs, find proof within your own life. It might seem there is none at first.

Keep looking until your perspective shifts. Once you see the flaws in your beliefs, replace them with empowering beliefs that make your life happier.