When You Stop Doing These 5 Things Your Life Will Get Much Better


“Do only what is necessary and required. Efficiency is elegant. Less is more.” ― Scott Perry

If someone approached you right now and told you that your life can be at least 50% better if you stop doing 5 things, would you believe them?

Well, this article is that someone that approached you. And it will show you the 5 things that most people do daily that contribute to a miserable life.

Most people will whine about their problems and the dissatisfaction they feel with their way of living, but they don’t realize it’s their fault.

They are responsible for their life not getting much better because they actively do certain things that prevent them from being happy.

If you want to live a much happier life than you should stop doing these 5 things that majority of people do daily.

Stop Doing These 5 Things:


1. Poisoning your body, mind, spirit and heart.

Most people consume poison every single day. In fact, every single hour of every single day. And they wonder why they are not happy.

People hang out with others who are toxic for them, they eat harmful food, they absorb negativity from the news and listen to music that disempowers.

The environment they live in, the things they read, watch, listen to, the food they eat, the drinks they drink, everything is toxic.

If you just stop consuming so much poison daily, just 10% less than most people do, you will live in a much happier personal reality.

Stop hanging out with people who are negative, stop eating unhealthy food, stop consuming information that’s not empowering you.

2. Seeking for others to approve of your worth.

We are all different and we are all unique. That’s how we are all the same. And this means that we all have the same worth as a human being.

But due to the way we grow up and the way we are conditioned we are fooled to believe that we miss something in order to be worthy.

People think that certain traits like wealth, physical beauty, fame, will give them the worth they already have within.

People think that once the world sees what they have accomplished they will get that approval from others to own the worth they already have.

But that’s just a fool’s errand. The more you chase this approval, the bigger the gap is between you and your naturally given worth.

3. Neglecting your personal needs and emotions.

The greatest cause for loneliness and depression is the negligence of our own selves, the fact that we neglect our personal emotions and needs.

Most people are avoidant of their emotions, especially if they fall more into the undesired side of the spectrum.

But avoiding your emotions, any kind of emotion, is avoiding part of yourself. Not putting your needs first is neglecting part of yourself.

If you are not your biggest cheerleader, your own hero and caretaker, than who will be? You are responsible for your own needs.

The moment you embrace all your emotions and put your needs first, is the moment you are standing up for yourself and become whole.

4. Postponing the things that really matter.

We all know what we are supposed to do. We all know what’s the one thing, that if we do today, would make all areas of our life a little better.

But most people do not act on this. They postpone the important things, the things that really matter for another day.

And they keep living in the same miserable world. They know they can change, they know what to do, this gives them hope. But they don’t act.

They just postpone the things that really matter and nothing really changes toward the direction they want. More problems just pile up.

Instead of spending all your time on urgent and unimportant things, spend as much time as you can on the things that make your life better.

5. Escaping reality through distractions.

In the modern world today there are distractions on every corner. In fact, there are distractions on every pixel of reality.

It takes a lot of discipline and effort to stay free from distractions, if that’s possible. But most people are so distracted that they are rarely here.

Most people, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep are not in the present moment.

They wake up, check emails, think what to wear, listen to something while they commute, work, scroll social media, eat, watch, sleep.

Escape this distracting loop. Make time to be present if you need. Be with yourself. The present moment is everything that we have.