Here Is The One Healthy Thing That We Learned This February 2019 You Should Know


There are so many advices and opposing opinions on what’s healthy and what’s not. Nobody seems to agree on anything. Especially when it comes to the food you eat.

There are various applications, magazines and websites dedicated to show you healthier alternatives of the food you eat, and it seems every day something new comes up.

Every day something new is unhealthy, something new is trendy. There are who knows how many labels added on packages and products to ensure they are a healthier choice.

But all of this is based on unclear chatter. It’s based on opinions, on one of many arguments out there, and most are not even based on official scientific evidence.

Even most of the labels like “Organic”, “Diet”, “GMO Free” are not exactly what they say but a marketing baits. Here is a really easy way to choose food that’s healthy.

The One Healthy Thing For This Month: 3 questions to show you the healthiest food choices.


There are two truths you should know. One is that science is based on facts and you should trust it. Second is that humans can adapt to almost all.

These two seemingly unrelated truths are the reason why most people are confused when it comes to healthy eating.

Because science is science and facts do not lie, it reveals to us what’s good for us to consume and what’s harmful, what might go against our health.

However, you see people who do not listen to anything that science says and they are still fine. They might not look fine but they are healthy.

And it confuses many people. How can a fact do not apply to some people. Well here comes the second truth that you should keep in mind.

Every organism is different because humans can adapt to almost anything, any circumstance and environment.

This means that even if people consume food that’s not very healthy, their organism can adapt to make the best out of it in order to maintain health.

These people might not have as much energy, but they will be healthy. Their organism will adapt to function with that less nutritious food.

I know people who do not eat the whole specter of vegetables and fruits, who do not take daily supplements, and they test as healthy individuals.

But here is the thing. They make it harder for their bodies to maintain their health. Even though they are healthy they can be healthy in a better way.

If they listen to scientific facts and eat what’s actually nutritious and healthy for their bodies they will be healthy but much more smoothly.

They will feel better, think clearer, have more energy and elan to raise the quality of their life.

It’s better to make your body adapt to food that makes it easier for it to maintain health, than to food that makes it harder.

There is a big confusion on what’s healthy and what’s not healthy out there, so make sure to check the science behind what you read and hear.

To make it easier and be able to choose healthier options yourself there are 3 brilliant questions you can ask before choosing.

1. What Are The Ingredients?

Looking at the food right in front of you ask yourself this question. You should know exactly what you put into your organism.

2. Are These Ingredients Nutritious?

When you know the ingredients that constitute your food you should ask yourself are these ingredients going to actually feed your body, or are they unnecessary work.

3. Where Do These Ingredients Come From?

And even if you know that the ingredients in front of you are nutritious, you should know where they come from, are they natural or artificial.

These 3 simple questions can make it so much easier for you to choose the healthy and natural food when you don’t know what or who to trust.

Instead of looking for the next best diet, or looking for labels that might not even be trailblazers for healthy choices, learn how to choose with your reason.