The 3 Signs That Prove We Are On The Verge Of Evolving Into Superhumans


It’s time to become aware of our super powers.

What does it mean to be a Superhuman? It has nothing to do with superheroes, but it might mean we discover super powers.

These super powers were always there, within us, staying dormant, waiting to be discovered and used.

All throughout human history we had these, but we were controlled by other things, by natural instincts, by emotions, by biases and stories.

There was not a time that we stopped what we were doing and became aware of all that we can actually do, of the supercomputer we possess.

But humanity has reached the verge of evolution. There are 3 big signs that are proving we are on the verge of becoming aware of our super.

The 3 Signs We Are On The Verge Of Evolving Into Superhumans:


1. We crave a new story.

It seems like we are moving in circles, like we are stuck with old narratives while being inspired to dive into the possibilities.

You can see this in movies, in religion, in politics, in societies, in the way industries work. You can see it everywhere. The same old story.

There is the bad guy, this is the good guy, eternal battle. But we all feel it. There is the need to transcend this narrative, to see things in a new way.

2. We are exponentially advancing.

Technology is advancing exponentially. This means that what will be created and achieved with new technologies cannot be even imagined.

Tech and science shape societies, they shape the reality we live in, the rules of the game. As these things advance everything else will follow.

And as everything advances things will just add up on themselves. Artificial Intelligence, VR, AR, Space Travel, Nano Tech, these are just dawning.

3. We are becoming aware.

Probably the biggest sign that we are on the verge of a new evolutionary step is the fact that more and more people exercise their awareness.

All throughout human evolution we have risen from being controlled by instincts, by emotions, by thoughts and believes.

As we become aware, we take a new step. We are coming to the present moment, in a space free of being controlled, holding the pen in our hands.

So if you want to take the next step, if you want to unlock your super and evolve into a superhuman, go here.