The 5 Things Other People Really Want From You


Most people think that other people are out to get them. They believe that others conspire against them.

But they forget one key factor, they are too close to the picture to see what’s really happening, they forget that other people are exactly that, people.

They too are scared, flawed, trying their best to find themselves and their place in this world. Just like you, they seek something, they try to be loved.

When we get our perception out of this ‘me against the world’ mentality, everything starts to be clear. Every person becomes much simpler and everything they do makes sense.

Most of us are looking for love, no matter what we do. Everything we do is because we try to become worthy of being loved, appreciated, to feel a sense of belonging.

We crave for love so much that we seek for it all our lives without even stopping for a moment to think about what we are actually seeking.

We don’t know what we seek, we just know that we seek something. It’s always there, right in front of us, like a carrot on a stick. But we don’t exactly know what it is.

So we keep seeking. We keep living our lives in a hurry, always chasing something. But what we really chase is love and connection with something.

We don’t have intimacy with ourselves so we start looking for it outside of us, trying to fill this void. If you realize this you will also realize all that people want from you.

5 Things Other People Want From You:


1. Your Love

What every human really wants is to be loved. To find love. But rarely who understands what love is, and what love is not. People can’t find love within themselves so they seek for it outside. Give others love without asking anything in return.

2. Your Kindness

Some might say that kindness is more important than knowledge, it’s more important than being right. What does it mean, to be kind? It means to realize that everyone is fighting a hard battle, and to be gentle with them. People need to be shown kindness.

3. Your Attention

Because people look for love outside of themselves, attention is the closest thing that reminds them of what they seek. No relationship can function without mutual attention. Give people attention, show them that they matter, that’s what they want to know.

4. Your Positivity

Each person has their own problems. Every person suffers one way or another. What everyone seeks is a relief from their suffering. This relief is positivity for them, and it can be in a form of comedy, entertainment, fun. Give them positive energy.

5. Your Smile

You don’t have to try really hard to give others what they really want. Most people don’t crave for big things. All someone might need to turn their day around is a simple smile. And you can give this smile to anyone, from your closest friend to a stranger.

You might wonder why you should be the one who gives these things to others while nobody gives them to you. Well you don’t have to. But at least giving these things is what you can control, it’s in your power. So you can try to make a positive change. And who knows, you might create a wave of positive change that eventually comes back to you. It’s your choice. We chose to share this with you.