5 Precise Steps How To Realign Yourself With Your Purpose


“No man or woman is an island. To exist just for yourself is meaningless. You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself.” — Denis Waitley

We are all born with a purpose in our life. Or, let’s say we can all discover our purpose in our life. The important thing is to have one.

Your purpose is this thing that evokes strong will and motivation within you, that makes you feel alive and brave to face anything.

Our purpose is like a True North in The Infinite Universe we live in, it gives us direction and a sense of meaning in our life. And these things are of crucial importance.

It’s usually like this, our purpose is the essence that creates our dreams, our goals, our honest desires and passions. But as we grow up our ego starts meddling with it.

So we start steering away from the path of our soul’s purpose to fill the hunger of our ego. Here is how to realign yourself with your purpose.

5 Steps How To Realign Yourself With Your Purpose:


1. List the skills that come naturally to you.

We all have natural gifts, talents, things we can do better and more effortlessly than other people.

But the society functions in a certain way, and as we grow up we tend to trade these gifts for smarter and more profitable options.

If you want to realign yourself with your purpose you need to remind yourself of your gifts. Take a piece of paper and write the skills that come naturally to you.

What are the things that other people will utter to you, ‘Wow! How did you do that?’ What are the things you do without thinking and just flow?

These natural skills of yours are part of the gift you have to give to the world. Remember yourself what are these things.

2. Start doing the things you loved doing when you were a child.

When you were a child there were a couple of things you could spend your entire time doing and don’t regret a second.

As we grow up, we tend to forget our childhood activities because we shift our focus to the stuff that matters more.

But what actually matters was actually those things that are silly in the eyes of the grown ups because they don’t fit their idea of success or they don’t fit in the norm of society.

These things you enjoyed doing as a kid were the closest thing you actually did to following your purpose, those things that inflamed your passion.

Remind yourself what was the one, or couple activities you could do forever when you were a kid and start doing them again.

3. Meditate on the question of what is your purpose.

Let’s get something clear, to know exactly what your purpose is it’s really, really rare in the world. Most people who follow their purpose have a sense of what it is.

This is because your purpose is not something definite, it’s not an exact thing because everything is always changing, new technologies, new opportunities arise.

Since everything is always changing, your purpose is changing too. Your purpose is evolving and it’s normal to let it evolve.

However, in order to know what your purpose is at this moment, or at least have a sense of the direction of your purpose, you should meditate on that question.

Ask the higher parts of your being to give you hints and clues about what’s the direction of your purpose to get a clearer sense.

4. Ask yourself what the world really needs at this moment.

Whatever your purpose is, it’s aligned with the greater good of the world and humanity. This is an important clue to ponder on.

This means that whatever the world needs most right at this moment, it’s most likely your purpose has something to do with it.

Ask yourself what the world needs most right now and list out all the answers that pop up in your mind.

When you have the list look at your answers and let your intuition guide you toward the answer that resonates most with you.

This answer should make you feel excited and you should experience it as a calling, as it is calling you to do something about it.

5. Discover the one thing that stays when everything else is removed.

There is an interesting thought experiment you can do to become clearer about your purpose. And it’s fun to do it.

Imagine that everything in the world is removed, it just fades, gone. No society, no people, no systems, no chores. It’s just you and this planet.

You cannot be killed, you don’t need to eat and drink water to survive, you are just there, alone, for eternity.

What would you do to have fun? What is the one thing would you want to return? What is the one thing that nobody can take away from you?

Answering these questions can be quite eye opening. When you know the answers to these questions you will have a clearer sense of your purpose.

How To Make Your Purpose Clear:

When you do these 5 steps and have the answers, the sense of your purpose will become more familiar to you.

As you follow these 5 steps you will start realigning yourself with your purpose and you will start getting a clearer sense about it.

What are your natural talents, what you enjoyed doing as a kid, what your intuition tells you to do, what the world needs? Answer these quoestions to know your purpose.

What activity nobody can take away from you, what activity you’ll do even if there is nothing and nobody in the world? Answer these and you’ll know your purpose.

There might be some ways that are unique to you in living your purpose, so follow them. You know how to follow your purpose the best.