Astrology And Cosmic Update For December 2018: Here is What December is Bringing for Each Person


This year was an year of big introspection and examination of our emotional self.

The last couple of months we were forced to face our emotional turmoil and deal with the old wounds we have been postponing.

December is giving us the opportunity to cleanse our emotional self even more. It’s really a month of leveling up.

This means that your wounds, fears, resistance and inner turmoil will have bigger intensity so you will locate your wounded self more easily.

This is with an intent to find and heal your inner wounds faster and release the things that no longer serve you so you can be better version of yourself.

Here Is What Astrologists Say December Has In Store For Each Person:


December brings a new vibration and a chance to bring closure and resolution to the year of 2018.

For the first part of December, we still have Mercury, the planet of communication, in retrograde.

Under this energy, we are being encouraged to reflect, pause, and wait before rushing ahead.

Mercury goes out of retrograde on the 6th of December, and at this time we may be feeling a little lighter and at peace with where things are at.

Around the same time Mercury goes direct, we have a New Moon on the 6th and 7th in the sign of Sagittarius.

This is a really positive New Moon that is going to bring some fresh inspiration and a wave of optimism into our lives.

Instead of trying to force or push things, this energy asks us to surrender, trust, and allow ourselves to be guided by our hearts.

This New Moon carries a free flowing, loving energy that we can use to raise our vibration and boost our mood.

This will be a much welcomed energy and will help us to lighten up as we enter the holiday season.

Following the New Moon, we have the special day of 12th. In numerology, 1212 is associated with advanced consciousness.

Paying attention to our dreams, meditating and observing the signs and messages of The Universe around this time will help us open to this energy.

Next up, on December 21st we have the Solstice, which is marked by the Sun’s move into the earth sign of Capricorn.

With the Sun in Capricorn, we are going to be encouraged to get grounded and to take a more practical view on life.

We are also going to be able to take the inspiration and adventure that we gained while the Sun was in Sagittarius so we can relish it for the long term.

Capricorn energy wants the good habits to stick, so it’s also a perfect time to set goals, make plans, and think about your new year’s resolution.

The month wraps up with a Full Moon in Cancer on the 22nd. This Full Moon is highly sensitive and emotional.

Even though there is a sensitive tone to this Full Moon, it is actually a great time to reflect and to release all that you no longer wish to carry.

This is the perfect time to spiritually and emotionally cleanse and purify yourself and to really practice self love and self care.

As we move through December, this reflective energy is going to amplify so we can cleanse the most of our emotional being.

We are really going to be able to feel how far we have traveled, how we have grown, and how we have spiritually evolved.