6 Traits Only The Real Spiritual Masters Have


Throughout life, every person is going to be traveling a different path on their spiritual journey.

The spiritual journey is always an individual and unique journey which is ultimately going to reveal their best and most authentic self.

Some people go on spirit quests, some read books, some follow their purpose. But whatever journey you take, you will approach the same truth from a different angle.

However, for some people the journey means becoming a spiritual master. These people can perceive these truths but they have a purpose to teach them to the world.

Spiritual Masters are guides on our individual journeys, they discover the real peace within, as well as understanding the enlightenment and what it can give us.

There are a lot of fake spiritual masters in the world. So how to know when we encountered a real Spiritual Master? There are some traits only real spiritual masters have.

6 Traits Spiritual Masters Have:traits-real-spiritual-masters-have

1. They are naturally talented teachers.

Actually, real spiritual masters are people who have been sent to this planet with some specific purposes, such as teaching other people when they encounter them. This does not mean teaching grammar or math, but teaching significant lessons about life, sharing some truths which they keep profoundly in the heart, as well as helping to guide and mentor other people on spiritual journeys. These people are full of wisdom.

2. They have integrity and authenticity.

When something does not correspond to their values and morals, real spiritual masters will not entertain that idea. Being authentic requires some amount of vulnerability, that’s why a lot of people escape from being completely authentic. However, spiritual masters do not pretend in order to hide what they really are. They know that growing and evolving depends on accepting and embracing their real self.

3. They respond, they don’t react.

Being aware of your emotional states is an ability that everyone should unlock, because it will help us to make better choices. These choices will be a response based on reason and not a reaction based on emotional charges that are triggered. Spiritual masters remain observant and calm to their emotions. They do not avoid them, they feel them, but they do not run away from the unpleasant sensations that sometimes arise.

4. They feel gratitude, love and respect for nature.

Spiritual masters understand that every single thing on the planet is connected. Instead of seeing that the population of humans is more important than other species, they actually see every single thing equally in worth and respect. Because of that, they respect all that is alive and natural. They avoid choices that might have some adverse effects on the world or the nature surrounding them.

5. They don’t judge.

Most of us succumb to the little voice within our mind that’s judgmental and negative. This voice judges everyone and everything, and this means that it also judges us. But this is just a mental chatter, a thought process driven by our insecurities and doubts. Spiritual masters know this and don’t identify with this voice. They see everything from a loving perspective, with loving and open heart, without judging anyone in front of them.

6. They they don’t attach.

Spiritual Masters know that their life is a lot more than what the material world offers. They know there are much more realms and realities worth exploring. They don’t neglect the physical, they understand its importance, but they do not attach either. They connect with things and people, but they don’t attach. They embrace the fact that everything is continuously changing, so they keep their mind open to different perspectives and ideas.

Do you know anyone with such traits? If you do, chances are that they are destined to be spiritual masters.