This November Rant From The Heart: There Are No Shortcuts


Most of us have clear desires. We know what we want, we know what we should do to get what we want.november-rant-from-the-heart

However, we keep looking for a better way, we try to avoid the uncomfortable feelings that might come with going for what we want, we try to find a way around it.

We keep looking for shortcuts and better ways until we eventually realize the shortcuts we are looking for turned out to take us much longer than just doing what we wanted to do.

You know what you need to do, so just do it!

It’s pointless to look for alternative ways, for shortcuts, for ways around the uncomfortable feelings that you might face. You fool yourself by doing this.

The easiest way is actually to go through!

There will be some uncomfortable sensations at first, you might feel shame, you might be uncomfortable outside of your comfort zone, but it will eventually fade away.

And you would be left with the journey of going for what you always wanted to go for. You would have looked for alternative routes distracting yourself from taking action.

There is no alternative!

The only way toward your goals and beautiful dreams is through. It would be uncomfortable but you will actually take steps in the right direction.

Embrace the discomfort!

You can spend your whole life trying to find a way around, trying to find a trick, a technique that will shelter you from the uncomfortable feelings, but it’s not worth it.

Most of us are trading results for avoiding discomfort, and they whine about why they don’t have what they want to have. Don’t be like this. Either stop whining, or take action.

Trade being uncomfortable for results!

Just think about how many alternative ways you’ve tried to be happy, to get to your dreams, to achieve your goals. But did any of them work? No!

And we don’t want to accept the fact that we should take regular daily action to crawl through the mud, however, that’s reality. There is no alternative way but through.

So stop wasting time. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to take action, stop looking for a way around, and just do it.

Really, you are just wasting your time. There will be no a better way for taking action, there will be no a better time than now. Just take action.

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