Nobody Owes You Anything And The Sooner You Realize This The More Successful You’ll Be


Most of us live with an idea that the world owes us something. That we should become a celebrity or a successful businessman and the world will want us to become this.

We live with an idea that everyone who is against us, or even has a conflicting opinion is out there to get us.

We get mad when things don’t go our way, we complain about wrong people having wrong things and we whine about how hard it is to do what we do.

But let me tell you one truth buddy, nobody really cares!

And in fact, how self centered and egoistic do you need to be to think that somebody should care. Why? Why should anyone care whether or not you have what you want?

If you say because we should care about each other than you are so delusional that you don’t see your ego pulling your strings like a puppeteer.

Other people want things too. They too fight the best way they can to live and possibly get a tiny piece of the cake.

Do you think the world has time to care about you, and especially you?

It’s not about you!

We tend to believe that our problems are somehow the most important in the world, as our heartbreaks are the ones who hurt the most.

But we forget that every single person on this planet loved, lost, pushed through, and dealt with similar problems.

We forget that we are all just humans, evolved enough to worry.

But if you accept the fact that yeah, you are just a human, the world does not really care just about you, and that nobody and nothing really owes you anything, you are free.

You are free to take the power in your hands and get what you really want by yourself.

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