7 Ways How To Become Irresistible To Your Partner


You can be irresistible to your partner, in fact, you already are, you just have to remove what blocks your shine.

What makes us irresistible to someone is our unedited shine, our truth, the uniqueness that we let radiate outward freely.

If you ask any couple, they will say that this exact thing made them choose their partner. They’ll say it was something about their partner they can’t explain.

This something that makes someone irresistible is this shine you hold within yourself, your own unique light.

But we often let this light be suppressed within us because it’s too bright for someone who can’t deal with their own truth. Here is how to shine again in your relationship.

7 Ways To Be Irresistible To Your Partner:how-to-become-irresistible-to-your-partner

1. Learn to laugh from the heart.

When was the last time you laughed in front of someone else without censoring your expression of laughter? Probably in a while.

When we laugh from our heart we are showing one of the most beautiful expressions of ourselves.

Learning to express this side of yourself fully is probably one of the biggest things you can do to become more irresistible for your partner.

2. Be honest.

Honesty is one of the most beautiful phenomena in the world. It can penetrate through every fakery, through every illusion and facade.

By being honest you are being vulnerable, but by being vulnerable and being honest, you are showing an irresistible strength.

This divine strength that’s within vulnerability is a force of attraction and beauty that cannot be compared with anything else.

3. Look them directly in their eyes.

When you are speaking with someone, or when you are listening to someone speak, look them in their eyes. Look deep within them.

When you look into someone’s eyes you are seeing beyond their facade straight into their soul, and this is an act of courage.

This act gives them permission to be themselves, it tells them that you accept who they are fully and you are interested, and this bravery is irresistible.

4. Listen with intent to hear what they say.

Just like seeing with an intent to see a person, listen with an intent to hear their truth. Most of us listen with an intent to reply and we don’t really hear what anyone has to say.

When you listen to what someone is trying to say with an intent to hear, you will let them be closer to you. You will allow them to connect with you.

Getting someone’s full attention is what most people crave. That’s why we desperately try to be heard. But for a change, try to listen, and you will become irresistible for others.

5. Let yourself be silly as if you are a kid.

The world is serious enough as it is. The every day colorless lifestyle most people lead is depressing. Play is something that we have forgotten that even exists.

But play, for all that we know, could be the purpose of life. When you become childlike and silly for no reason, you are giving the other person permission to free themselves and play.

Being saved by another person from the colorless streams of society and being reconnected with your inner child is not just irresistible, it’s also highly addictive.

6. Make them feel secure and supported.

To be real, nobody really knows what is happening, nobody knows what’s really the right direction. Everyone is just speculating.

In this world of uncertainty, to give someone support and security is something that’s craved by everyone.

If you can make your partner feel secure around you and let them know that you give them unconditional support, they won’t be able to resist you.

7. Take care of your hygiene.

Everything that we said, if you implement it in your relationship, will make you irresistible. But if you reek of smell, than everything falls in water.

Personal hygiene is daily practice. It’s an act of self care, something to clean yourself from impurity, it has a spiritual symbolism and it can make you irresistible instantly.

When you are clean, well groomed and smell beautiful, you are a more irresistible person. Everyone wants to be around cleanliness and purity, it’s a godlike sensation.

Implementing these 7 tips will give you an exponential advancement.

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