Wild Bear Sits Next To A Guy Like It’s His Old Best Friend


“Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.” ― James Anthony Froude

We often times tend to say humans, or humanity, separating ourselves from animals. We use the term society to separate our manmade systems from the wilderness.

We say manmade to separate the things created by our human intelligence from the things that the intelligence of Nature has created.

But who are we really? Aren’t we descendant from animals? Isn’t our intelligence a piece of Nature’s intelligence? Weren’t we created by Nature ourselves?

If yes, than how can we separate ourselves from every other specie on this planet? If we are part of Nature than every animal is a part of this greater system of intelligence.

And when we think of ourselves, we think of ourselves as civilized, and when we think of wild animals we think of them as savages.

But the system of animals functions in harmony, while ours slowly rusts with hate, wars and corruption.

And we might not be as savage as hungry bear, but we are savage for the spirit. We are spiritual savages.

While animals hunt for food and survival, we hunt for pleasure, ego, hobby, boredom and business, we enslave animals for amusement and raise them, farm them to be killed.

I think we have misunderstood the definition for civilized. Objectively looking we are the savages, even though we are not as free as the animals we savage.

Here is a video of a wild bear that freely roams, approaches and sits besides a guy who takes pictures of the wilderness. It’s so peaceful and friendly, like it’s his old best friend.

This video just proves the fact that animals are not enmious by nature, they just can’t control the instinct for survival, and when they are hungry they attack.

But when they are not hungry, no animal will intentionally harm you if it doesn’t feel threatened. They are just like this bear.

Bear Sits Next To A Guy: